Tokyo University of Science

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I contact teaching staff?

Please refer to RIDAI (searches can only be done in Japanese).

How do I make an application?

Please refer to the ADMISSIONS page. If you have further queries please inquire using the Contact page.

Are there any courses conducted in English? Can I enroll without any Japanese language skills?

Nearly all classes are conducted in Japanese. There is no course where a degree can be taken in English only. (Except for the Graduate School of Global Fire Science. Doctoral courses depend on supervisory staff). For details, please refer to Application Requirements.

Does TUS have any scholarships for International Students?

In regards to scholarships, unfortunately at TUS we do not have any scholarships for international students on undergraduate and master`s programs. However, the Japanese government, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), local public organizations, international exchange organizations, and private organizations offer various scholarships for international students to study in Japan. Please refer to the Scholarships and Financial Aid for further information.

I am an undergraduate and would like to study abroad at TUS for one semester. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, at this current time we do not offer any exchange programs for undergraduates.

My current university is one of TUS`s Overseas Partner Universities, and I would like to study abroad at TUS for part of my master`s/doctoral degree. What should I do?

Please consult with your international office at your university. They shall contact us on your behalf to discuss a possible exchange.

My current university is not one of TUS`s Overseas Partner Universities. Can I still study abroad at TUS for part of my master`s/doctoral degree?

Without an Academic Agreement of Cooperation between our two institutions, it would be difficult to accept you as an exchange student.

How much does it cost to study at TUS?

The cost depends on which course and department you will be studying under. Please refer to the Application Guidebook for International Students ( Undergraduate admissions | Graduate Admissions ), for exact figures.
( PDF Links are in the bottom of each page.)

I want to apply for a Ph.D. at TUS. What should I do?

If you wish to apply to enter TUS as a postgraduate student, please see the guidelines explained here. For Ph.D. admissions one of the first things you need to do is find a Professor who would agree to be your supervisor. To this aim, I suggest you try looking at the TUS website and the staff lists to find a Professor working in a similar research field to yourself. Write to them about your research proposal.

Does TUS offer any scholarships for Ph.D. students?

Starting in April 2016, a new Doctoral Students Economic Support System will be introduced. Under this new scholarship, accepted students will be reimbursed the cost of tuition fees, and in some cases will also be exempt from paying the entrance fee and facilities and equipment costs. See here for further information.

I would like to spend my summer holidays as an intern at TUS. Is this possible?

At the current time, TUS does not run any internship programs.

Do I need to show Japanese language proficiency to enter a Ph.D. program at TUS?

For research doctoral degrees you do not need to demonstrate Japanese language ability in your application. However, having Japanese language skills will help you greatly in navigating everyday life in Japan.

How long does it take to study for a degree at TUS?

Generally, an undergraduate degree can be obtained in 4 years, a Master's degree in 2 years, and a Doctoral degree in 3 years. (However, as an exception, the doctoral course for pharmacological research and study takes 4 years.)

Can I study part-time at TUS?

The Faculty of Science Division II and the Faculty of Engineering Division II allow students to study part-time in the evenings. The master's course in the Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology can also be taken part-time.

Does TUS offer any programs via online distance learning?

Not at this current time.

What level of Japanese language proficiency is needed to study at TUS?

Classes in Undergraduate and Master's courses (excluding the Graduate School Of Global Fire Science and Technology) are all conducted in Japanese so you would require Japanese language proficiency of a level that would allow class participation. Overseas students (undergraduates) must take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) to enroll at TUS.

When does the academic year begin and end?

As like most universities in Japan, the academic year begins in April and ends in March.

Does TUS have a Summer School Program for International Students?

Not at this current time.