Mathematics is the foundation of the science and technology that supports modern society. By learning multifaceted mathematics in a systematic manner, students can acquire capabilites that allow them to flexibly adapt to various career options aftergraduation, such as continuing studies or finding employment. In addition, an important tradition of the Department of Mathematics is to foster junior-high or high school teachers who possess solid, specialized knowledge on mathematics.

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Algebra

    Algebra starts with solving equations. The non-existence of general methods for solving equations of degree five or more is shown by an abstraction of the problem and the use of group theory, ring theory, field theory and the like, and theories of algebraic variety are developed from a set of all solutions of a system of equations.

    Kida Research Group / Kunugi Research Group / Sanada Research Group

  • Geometry

    Geometry starts with Klein geometry, which looks into the properties of shapes which are invariant in a certain transformation group. This was then merged with the theory of general relativity and developed into Riemannian geometry, Lorentzian geometry, and also symplectic geometry.

    Koike Research Group / Yamakawa Research Group

  • Analysis

    The beginnings of analysis can be found with Archimedes, but it was after the birth of calculus in the 17th century that this area fully developed. Today, calculus is used to solve various problems, and is applied in a wider field than normal functions.

    Kato Research Group / Ohta Research Group / Tanaka Research Group / Yokota Research Group

  • Probability Theory / Statistics

    Even if a phenomenon appears to be chaotic at first glance, some regularity may be found if it occurs for many times, and this can be used for surveys and forecasts. Further, for Brownian motion and the like, which are constantly subjected to a chaotic force, we can find regularities from equations.

    Kaneko Research Group

  • Mathematics Education

    We all studied mathematics at elementary, junior high, and high school. Considering historical transformations and the current status quo of content and teaching methods, as well as ways of evaluating the curriculum in mathematics, we try to envision the shape of mathematics education in the future.

    Shimizu Research Group

List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
KANEKO hiroshi Professor Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics stochastic processes
KATO Keiichi Professor Basic analysis partial differential equation
KIDA Masanari Professor Algebra Number theory
KOIKE Naoyuki Professor Geometry Differential Geometry
KUNUGI Naoko Professor Algebra Representations of finite groups
OHTA Masahito Professor Mathematical analysis Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
SANADA Katsunori Professor Algebra ring theory
SHIMIZU Katsuhiko Professor Science education Mathematics Education, Educational Technology
WAKAYAMA Masato Professor Mathematical analysis
YOKOTA Tomomi Professor Basic analysis Partial differential equations
Tanaka Mieko Junior Associate Professor Mathematical analysis
YAMAKAWA Daisuke Junior Associate Professor Geometry Symplectic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry
FUKAYA Noriyoshi Assistant Professor Mathematical analysis Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
ITABA Ayako Assistant Professor Algebra Representation theory of algebras/Noncommutative algebraic geometry
KOZAKAI Yuta Assistant Professor
MIZUKAMI Masaaki Assistant Professor Mathematical analysis Partial Differential Equations
OKADA Nolio Assistant Professor Basic analysis
SAITO Shunsuke Assistant Professor Geometry Complex differential geometry, Complex algebraic geometry
YAMAMOTO Hikaru Assistant Professor Geometry Differential Geometry, Geometry of submanifolds, Geometric Flow
YONEYAMA Taisuke Assistant Professor Basic analysis
Mathematical analysis
Spectral and Scattering Theory
Partial Differential Equation

Information on Career Paths

  • Information Industry
  • Graduate School
  • Education
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Machinery and Appliances
  • Civil Servant
  • Department of Science
  • Scientific Research
  • Electronic Parts
  • Medical, Insurance
  • Other Industries
  • Other(persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2020)