An educational program which cultivates the knowledge and expertise essential for CXO and entrepreneurs

The Department of Management of Technology uses an educational curriculum built around a practical fusion of "science and technology" (integrating science and engineering) with "business management" to cultivate graduates who possess a high level of expertise and skill at the leading edge of management of technology, as well as a global mindset and strong professional ethics, enabling them to analyze and predict the increasingly diverse needs of society and develop innovative strategies that will achieve process-wide innovation at every point from research and development to product commercialization. By shifting the emphasis to the economy and business management in line with current trends in entrepreneurship and innovation achievement, a revised educational program curriculum with clear job targets is being developed that will produce CXO and entrepreneurs capable of adapting to a changing society.

List of Faculty Members

Name Title
AOKI Hidehiko Professor
ISHIBASHI Satoshi Professor
INOUE Satoshi Professor
OGOSE Yumi Professor
KATO Akira Professor
KOBAYASHI Kenji Professor
SUWAZONO Sadaaki Professor
TAMURA Hiromichi Professor
NAKAYAMA Yukako Professor
NITTO Hiroyuki Professor
WAKABAYASHI Hideki Professor
KISHIMOTO Taichi Junior Associate Professor
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