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The Graduate School of Management's Department of Management of Technology (MOT) builds upon the precedents and achievements of the Graduate School of Innovation Studies' Department of Management of Technology (MOT1.0), established in 2004, and the Department of Master of Intellectual Property, established in 2005, to offer a new and improved "MOT2.0" constituting a high-tech MBA actively adapted to the significant changes occurring in the areas of science and technology and management.

MOT is fundamentally a space for the innovative fusion of science and technology with management, as well as practical science with theory. It is a space where practical experiences and insights are more than just subjective phenomena, they represent data to be rigorously analyzed in order to find novel connections that can be generalized as well as serve as the basis for larger theories.

This program originated from a desire to cultivate CEOs, CTOs and other executives within this space for finding novel connections, who are imbued with strong professional ethics and the capability to deftly handle both technology and management at the global level.

In order to develop a new program, TUS welcomed Professor Michael A. Cusumano from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management in March of 2016 to serve as a specially appointed Vice President. During his time at TUS, Professor Cusumano revamped the existing program, augmenting its focus to include finance and other areas reflective of trends in entrepreneurship and open innovation that are prevalent in this globalized age.

In conjunction with the creation of a new program, the ABC (A: Academic, B: Business, C: Consulting) scope of specialization of the full-time faculty from the MOT1.0 era has been enhanced with the addition of faculty with a DEGF (D: Digital, E: Entrepreneur, F: Finance and Fund, G: Global) focus.

The instructors in this program are a hybrid of talented personnel with multiple focuses running the gamut from A to G. These instructors will use spirited debate and discussion in class to facilitate the cultivation of diverse and multifaceted thinking, which is future-focused and open to new insights and ideas.

A: Academic focusA: Academic Focus
B: Business FocusB: Business Focus
C: Consulting FocusC: Consulting Focus
D: Digital Focus
E: Entrepreneur Focus
F: Finance and Fund Focus
G: Global Focus

In order to equip the graduate students in this program with a versatile, globally-applicable managerial skill set, parallel tracks have been established alongside the core subjects. The MBA track is aimed at cultivating technologically savvy CEOs and entrepreneurs, while the MTI track is focused on cultivating managerial skills amongst those at the CTO level and above. These tracks are comprised of the following six areas.

1. Innovation and entrepreneurship
2. Strategy and organization
3. Operations and systems
4. Economics, finance and accounting
5. Marketing and sales
6. Intellectual property

Debate, presentations, group work, case studies and other such tasks will be a central part of each class. Furthermore, seminar-style "Practical Leadership Seminars", involving multiple faculty members and graduate students engaging in debate and discussion will be held and will feature executives, start-up venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, product development leaders and other invited guests who have first-hand experience with implementing new initiatives aimed at putting theory into practice.

Given that science is the focus of the Tokyo University of Science, enrollees in this new program from the School of Management can expect a high-tech MBA-type business school program focused on cultivating capable business executives with a passion for innovation.

List of Faculty Members

Title Name
Professor ASAMI Setsuko
Professor ARAKI Tsutomu
Professor OGINO Makoto
Professor OGOSE Yumi
Professor KIKKAWA Takeo
Professor SASAKI Keigo
Professor SUZUKI Kimiaki
Professor SEKI Takanori
Professor HIRATSUKA Mitsuyoshi
Professor MIYANAGA Hiroshi
Professor MIYANAGA Masayoshi
Professor Robert Feldman
Professor WAKABAYASHI Hideki
Junior Associate Professor KISHIMOTO Taichi