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Graduate Students
(As of May 2023)

The research fields in the Graduate School of Management that widely cover management are spread across the 2 fields of management and management science. Authorities in each of these fields carry out high-level research guidance. In addition, another characteristic of this Graduate School is that it also possesses attributes as a "professional school" that cultivates professionals through education of various analytical methods and extended practical management theories, rather than being restricted to specific fields. The Graduate School of Management makes use of its particularity in being the only Graduate School for social science at the Tokyo University of Science to emphasize the fundamentals of science/engineering and information technology, and aims to be a unique Graduate School that welcomes people with work experience as well as people from Undergraduate Schools for science. The Graduate School possesses directionality that is extremely unique as seen from the standpoint of other Graduate Schools established in the Tokyo University of Science, and of course from a national perspective.


  1. The objective of the master's course is to endow students with a deep knowledge of academic theories and applications related to business management from a broad perspective, to cultivate excellent capabilities and a deep knowledge required for careers involving advanced expertise in business management and research abilities in the field of business administration, and to help nurture academics and culture.
  2. The doctoral course cultivates students with a broad knowledge of management and deep capacity for creativity contributing to academic progress.
  3. The Department of Management of Technology uses an educational curriculum built around a practical fusion of “science and technology” (integrating science and engineering) with “business management” in order to provide society with a succession of high-level professionals possessing a “global mindset,” “strong professional ethics” and the ability to adapt, quickly and innovatively, to our rapidly changing world as industry leaders.
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