Persons wishing to apply to a graduate school must contact the instructor they wish to study under. If an instructor is yet to be decided, contact the secretary of the department in question before submitting an application.

Application Eligibility for Graduate School Master's / Doctoral Course Applicants

Please refer to the "Application Guidebook for International Students" regarding application qualifications.

The Application Guidebook for "Graduate School of Science and Technology, Department of Global Fire Science and Technology" is available here.

Entrance Examination Procedure

  • Contact desired research advisor or department secretary
  • Submit first-stage screening application documents
    Pay first-stage screening examination fee (18,000 yen)
  • Notification of receipt of first-stage screening application documents sent
  • First-stage screening
  • First-stage screening results sent
  • Submit application documents for second-stage screening
    Pay second-stage screening examination fee (17,000 yen)
  • Entrance examination card sent
  • Second-stage screening
  • Announcement of acceptance
    Acceptance letters sent
  • Admissions procedures
  • Submit admissions documents
  • University entrance ceremony
Documents sent from TUS
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