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The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry carries out thorough education on the basics and application of chemistry, fosters researchers and engineers full of creativity, and provides education and research that looks towards future trends in the chemicals industry. Research topics include energy, which is the most important issue for human beings today, fields related to living organisms, functional materials and chemistry that is based on environmental harmony. In addition, as the gap between the basic scholastic ability of students and scientific technology, which is becoming specialized, should be filled, students are guided to true understanding of academics through experiences based on labs and discussions and easily understandable lectures.

  • Students are able to receive detailed guidance in labs and discussions, which serve as motivators.
  • In addition to basic scholastic ability regarding industrial chemistry as a specialty, students are also able to acquire laboratory techniques.
  • Students are able to systematically learn principles and application through education on the most recent research results.
  • Build up creativity in graduation research, through participation in cutting-edge research.

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Chemistry 1 - A, 1 - B with Experience
  • Chemistry 2 - A, 2 - B with Experience
  • Mathematics ( Linear Algebra )1, 2
  • Calculus1, 2
  • Physics 1‐A, 1 - B
  • Physics 2‐A, 2 - B
  • Experiment in Analytical Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Computers and Programming
  • Experiment in Physical Chemistry
  • Experiment in Advanced Chemistry
  • Experiment in Organic Chemistry
  • Senior Course of Seminar
  • Experiment in Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis 1
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Safety Science
  • Mathematics for Chemist
Organic/Macromolecular Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry 1・2・3
  • Polymer Chemistry 1
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Reaction Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry 2

Organic Chemistry / Organic Synthetic Chemistry / Organic Materials Chemistry / Organic Metallic Chemistry / Macromolecular Chemistry / Biochemistry

Graduation Research

  • Arimitsu Research Group
  • Gunji Research Group
  • Nakayama Research Group
  • Sakai Research Group
Physical Chemistry
  • Basic Chemical Engineering
  • Physical Chemistry 1・2・3
  • Electrochemistry
  • Applied Physical Chemistry 1
  • Applied Physical Chemistry 2
  • Applied Surface Chemistry
  • Applied Electrochemistry
  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering

Physical Chemistry / Applied Interfacial Chemistry

Graduation Research

  • Sakai(H)-Sakai(K) Research Group
  • Yuasa-Kondo Research Group
Inorganic/Analytical/Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry 1・2
  • Material Science in Inorganic Substance
  • Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis 2
  • Industrial Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry / Inorganic Materials Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry / Physical Chemistry / Electrochemistry / Applied Interfacial Chemistry

Graduation Research

  • Fujimoto Research Group
  • Idemoto/Kitamura Research Group
  • Itagaki/Shitanda Research Group

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Retail


  • Machinery and Appliances


  • Information Industry


  • Living-related and Personal Services and Amusement Services


  • Miscellaneous services


  • Manufacture of Chemical


  • Metal Products


  • Finance, Insurance


  • Professional and Technical Services


  • Other(persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


(As of March 2019)

List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor ARIMITSU Koji Organic and hybrid materials Photopolymer, UV-Curing, Acid/Base Amplifier, Photoinitiator
Professor GUNJI Takahiro Polymer chemistry Element-blocks, Inorganic polymer, Organic-inorganic hybrids
Professor IDEMOTO Yasushi Applied materials
Condensed matter physics II
Physical chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Inorganic industrial materials
Device related chemistry
Battery material, Ferroelectric material, High Tc superconducting oxide
High Tempearture Supercondoctor
Crystal Strycture Analysis, Electronic Structure
Inorganic Solid State Chemistry
Battery material, Ferroelectric material, High Tc superconducting oxide
Battery material, Ferroelectric material, High Tc superconducting oxide
Professor ITAGAKI Masayuki Material processing/Microstructural control engineering Electrochemisty, Analytical Chemistry
Professor SAKAI Hideki Nanostructural chemistry
Nanomaterials chemistry
Physical chemistry
Functional solid state chemistry
Organic and hybrid materials
Nanoporous material, Hollow particle, core/shell particle
Drug delivery system, Liposome, Cell Penetrating Peptide
Surface properties, Interfacial properties, Solution properties, Phase diagram
Surfactant, Self assembly, Emulsion, Nanoparticles
Surfactant, Emulsion, Surface modification
Professor SAKAI Norio Organic chemistry
Synthetic chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Professor YUASA Makoto Physical chemistry
Functional solid state chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Bio-related chemistry
Electrochemistry, Colloid & interface chemistry
Sensor, Electrocatalyst, Antioxidant &anti-cancer drug
Macromolecule-metal complex, Electropolymerization, Functional polymer
Biomimetic chemistry, Hemoprotein chemistry, Nano-biotechnology
Associate Professor FUJIMOTO Kenjiro Inorganic chemistry
Synthetic chemistry
Inorganic industrial materials
Solid State Chemistry
Combinatorial Materials Science
Soft Chemistry, Catalyst, Electrode Materials, Crystal Growth
Associate Professor KITAMURA Naoto Inorganic materials/Physical properties Ion-conducting inorganic material
Associate Professor KONDO Takeshi Functional solid state chemistry
Associate Professor SAKAI Kenichi Functional solid state chemistry Colloid and Interface Chemistry, Adsorption, Atomic Force Microscopy
Associate Professor Shitanda Isao Nano/Microsystems
Physical chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Bio-related chemistry
Green/Environmental chemistry
Material processing/Microstructural control engineering
Electrochemical nanomotor/micromotor
electrochemical impedance
microencapsulation of enzyme
whole-cell based biosensor
microcapsule composite coating
Wearable biofuel cell
Junior Associate Professor ISHIDA Naoya Inorganic industrial materials secondary battery, crystal chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry
Junior Associate Professor NAKAYAMA Yasuo Device related chemistry organic semiconductor
Junior Associate Professor OGIWARA Yohei Organic chemistry
Synthetic chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Assistant Professor AIMI Akihisa Inorganic industrial materials Ceramics, Oxide, Multiferroics
Assistant Professor AKAMATSU Masaaki Functional solid state chemistry Colloid and interface chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry
Assistant Professor TOJO Toshifumi Chemical pharmacy
Assistant Professor WATANABE Hikari
Assistant Professor YAMAMOTO Kazuki Polymer/Textile materials