Tokyo University of Science


The department of Mathematics pursues the philosophy of "carrying out education and research on mathematics that serves as the foundation for various sciences, as well as development of science and society."Education in this department is carried out based on the basic stance that "specialized education that emphasizes dialogues" is important. This enables us to produce graduates who are successful in many different fields of profession in an advanced society, including secondary education. Mathematical research is implemented over a broad scope, and international research exchanges are also actively carried out."

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics Research A
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics Research B
  • Mathematics Research 1 / 2
  • Physics 1 / 2
  • Chemistry
  • Introduction to Physics and Lab
  • Electronic Computers and Lab
  • Mathematics Discussion 1A / 1B
  • Mathematics Discussion 2A / 2B
  • Special Lecture on Mathematics 1 / 2
  • Formula Manipulation
  • Information Retrieval
  • Multimedia Expression Methods
  • <General Subjects>
    • Human Science
    • English
  • Fundamental Analysis 1 and Discussion
  • Fundamental Analysis 2
  • Analysis 1
  • Complex Analysis
  • Analysis 2 / 3
  • Introduction to Differential Equations
  • Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations 1 / 2
  • Mathematical Statistics 1 / 2
  • Theory of Probability 1 / 2
  • Statistics and Computers
  • Special Lecture on Analysis 1 - 3
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Applied Analysis
  • Analysis and Computers

Graduation Research

  • AIKI Research Group
  • USHIJIMA Research Group
  • TACHIKAWA Research Group
  • HIRABA Research Group
  • YAMAZAKI Research Group
  • MATSUMOTO Research Group
  • General Topology
  • Geometry 1
  • Geometry 2 / 3
  • Topology
  • Geometry and Computers
  • Special Lecture on Geometry 1 - 3

Graduation Research

  • BABA Research Group
  • HIROSE Research Group
  • OHASHI Research Group
  • TANAKA Research Group
  • Linear Algebra 1 and Discussion
  • Linear Algebra 2
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2 / 3
  • Number Theory
  • Algebra and Computers
  • Special Lecture on Algebra 1 - 3

Graduation Research

  • AOKI Research Group
  • HACHIMORI Research Group
  • ITO Research Group
  • KASHIO Research Group
  • KOMATSU Research Group

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Education


  • Information industry


  • Retail


  • Finance, insurance


  • Civil servant


  • Machinery and appliances


  • Transport, Communication


  • Service


  • Other industries


  • Other (persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor HIRABA Seiji Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Probability Theory, Theory of Stochastic Processes
Professor HIROSE Susumu Geometry Low-dimensional topology
Professor ITO Hiroyuki Theory of informatics
Applied Algebra
Algebebraic Geometry
Professor MATSUMOTO Kazuko Basic analysis Complex analysis, Several complex variables
Professor TACHIKAWA Atsushi Basic analysis Nonlinear PDE, weak solution, regularity, singularity, variable coefficient
Professor TANAKA Makiko Geometry symmetric spaces, Lie groups, submanifolds
Professor Yamazaki Taeko Basic analysis partial differential equations
Associate Professor AOKI Hiroki Algebra modular forms
Associate Professor Hachimori Yoshitaka Algebra Number theory, Iwasawa theory, elliptic curves, Selmer groups, p-adic Lie extensions
Associate Professor USHIJIMA Takeo Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential Equation, Numerical Analysis
Junior Associate Professor AIKI Masashi Mathematical analysis Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Science
Junior Associate Professor BABA Kurando Geometry Differential Geometry
Junior Associate Professor KASHIO Tomokazu Algebra number theory
Junior Associate Professor KOMATSU Toru Algebra number theory
Junior Associate Professor OHASHI Hisanori Algebra algebraic geometry
Assistant Professor MATSUMOTO Yuya
Assistant Professor OMORI Toshiaki Geometry geometric analysis, global analysis, discrete geometric analysis
Assistant Professor SOBAJIMA Motohiro Basic analysis Partial Differential Equations
Assistant Professor TAGAMI Keiji Geometry Topology
Assistant Professor WAKASA Kyouhei Basic analysis Nonlinear partial differential equations