The Department of Electrical Engineering aims to cultivate human resources who have learned the knowledge and research methods desired of researchers and engineers engaged in electrical engineering, and who possess the ability to establish and resolve research topics on their own that are useful in the development of society.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Communications and Information Networks HASEGAWA Mikio Professor Neural Information Processing, Radio Communication Networks
MARUTA Kazuki Associate Professor Digital Signal Processing
Data Engineering HAMAMOTO Takayuki Professor Image Information Processing
YOSHIDA Takahiro Professor Sensing Information Processing
SATO Shunich Associate Professor Control engineering/System engineering
Energy System UZU Eizo Professor Nuclear-Fusion Power Generation
KOIZUMI Hirotaka Professor Power Electronics
UEDA Yuzuru Professor Electric power engineering/electric equipment engineering
YAMAGUCHI Nobuyuki Associate Professor Power System Engineering
Smart Electronics ANDO Shizutoshi Professor Device Process Engineering
KAWAHARA Takayuki Professor Electronic Circuits and Device Engineering
FUKUCHI Yutaka Associate Professor Nonlinear Optics
Smart Systems SAKATA Osamu  Professor Biomedical signal processing/Image processing,/Medical & welfare engineering
WADA Masayoshi Professor Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems (Active caster omnidirectional mobile system)
Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery (energy management system for small electric vehicles)
Control engineering/System engineering (joystick car drive assist system for disabilities)
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