The Center for Research Promotion was established in April 2022 for the purpose of building a system that enables the sustainable planning and management of various educational and research strength-enhancing initiatives.

Organization for Research Advancement
Council of the Organization for Research Advancement

  • Center for
  • Research
    Institute for
    Science and
    • Promotion of
      collaboration in a
      diversity of
      research fields
  • Research
    Institute for
    • Multifaceted research
      in the life sciences
  • Research
    • Promotion of
      installation and joint
      usage of all varieties
      of research equipment

Message from the Director

Through research-related strategic planning and analysis of research strengths, the Center for Research Promotion promotes research in novel fields that will raise the profile of the Tokyo University of Science.

The Center for Research Promotion encompasses the two divisions of Research IR and Strategy, and Research Infrastructure Enhancement and is primarily focused on Tokyo University of Science research-related strategic planning and strength analysis in support of novel research planning capitalizing on the university’s strengths as a comprehensive science and technology university, as well as in support of joint research, commissioned research and various other research activities by faculty members, all to raise the research-related profile of the university.

The Center also works with the Organization for Innovation and Social Collaboration to pursue social contribution and to improve the research strength of Tokyo University of Science.

As we move forward with these efforts, your understanding and cooperation are sincerely appreciated.

KOGO Yasuo

Director, Center for Research Promotion
Vice-president, Tokyo University of Science
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