In addition to carrying out research that aims for the latest fields in mechanical engineering and responding to the demands of society, the Department of Mechanical Engineering fosters human resources who possess vast and advanced specialized knowledge, and who can lead the way in comprehensive technological innovations by being the first to incorporate new information.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Mechanics of Materials OKADA Hiroshi Professor Computational Solid Mechanics
TAKAHASHI Akiyuki Professor Computational Materials Science
Thermo-fluid Dynamics UENO Ichiro Professor Interfacial Thermofluid Dynamics
TSUKAHARA Takahiro Professor Heat and Fluid Flow
MURAOKA Masahiro Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics
Dynamics of Machinery ASAKURA Takumi Associate Professor Vibration
Design and Machining NOGUCHI Shoji Professor Machine Design
HAYASE Masanori Professor Micro Machining
Mechano Informatics TAKEMURA Hiroshi Professor Biomechanics
ARAI Shogo Associate Professor Robotics
Aerospace Engineering OGASAWARA Ko Professor High-Speed Aerodynamics
FUJIKAWA Takahiro Junior Associate Professor System Optimization
Materials OGIHARA Shinji Professor Composite Material Engineering
MATSUZAKI Ryosuke Professor Smart materials and structures
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Aerospace Engineering OHYAMA Akira Visiting Professor Aerodynamic Design
OKADA Hiroshi Professor*
Materials RI Shien Visiting Professor Experimental Mechanics
OGIHARA Shinji Professor*
AOKI Takuya Visiting Professor Structural Assessment Engineering
OGIHARA Shinji Professor*
Thermo-fluid Dynamics SAKURAI Mashato Visiting Professor Space Environment Utilization and ECLSS
UENO Ichiro Professor*
Design and Machining KOSAKA Ryo Visiting Professor Artificial Heart
HAYASE Masanori Professor*
Mechano Informatics TADA Mitsunori Visiting Professor Biomechanics
TAKEMURA Hiroshi Professor*
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.
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