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Graduate Students
(As of May 2021)

The Graduate School of Advanced Engineering, which is comprised of the Applied Electronics, Materials Science and Technology, and Biological Science and Technology departments is expanding specialized education in the important fields of leading-edge science and technology at a high level, centered around biotech, IT, nanotechnology, advanced materials, etc. In particular, taking into perspective that development of interdisciplinary research of these fields is becoming increasingly important, cross-sectional research and education is being promoted between each department in the Graduate School of Advanced Engineering the graduate school is characterized in that it is aiming to cultivate human resources who can pioneer and create new science and technology with a new perspective. The graduate school already implements "mutual extension" with other Graduate Schools, and also promotes research and education activities. Its purpose is to constantly bring graduate school education of a new era into perspective, develop a new, dynamic research and education system, and contribute to the world through research and cultivation of human resources.


1. The objective of the master's course is to contribute to the development of engineering technology by cultivating human resources who can fulfill creative and leading roles, and who possess the research capabilities and scholarships necessary for work that requires a variety of expertise, by carrying out cross-sectional research and education that exceeds the limits between each department, based on the current state where progress is achieved in each of the fields in engineering and science by mutually linking them to each other.
2. The aim of the doctoral course is to contribute to the development of engineering technology and academic research that aims for global standards, and to cultivate human resources who have acquired research capabilities necessary for engaging in advanced and specialized operations, as well as abundant scholarships that serves as the basis for such capabilities, and who can carry out research activities independently as researchers.