A University with Global Appeal

Takayuki Hamamoto Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Tokyo University of Science Foundation
Embracing a Tradition of “Achieving Excellence” to Cultivate Graduates Who Will Succeed on a Global Stage

In 2021, the Tokyo University of Science marked 140 years of history and tradition going all the way back to its founding in 1881 as the Tokyo Academy of Physics. In all that time, the university has sought, in keeping with its founding spirit of “Building a Better Future with Science,” to maintain a balance between its meritocratic traditions and innovation as its pursues education and research that appropriately incorporates cutting-edge equipment and resources. Over the years, this has produced a tremendous number of graduates equipped with practical skills built atop a solid foundation of science, engineering, pharmacy, and management who have gone on to find success in education, industry, research, and numerous other areas.

Our world is currently confronted with a variety of different problems related to climate change, population, food availability, decarbonization, renewable energy and more. As the world becomes increasingly borderless, the effects of these problems become increasingly complicated and interconnected, and this, in turn, makes it increasingly difficult to find solutions and make predictions about the future. I believe that, as one of Japan’s premier science and engineering universities, the Tokyo University of Science has an increasingly important role to play in finding the solutions to these problems.

In 2017, the Tokyo University of Science began implementation of its “TUS VISION 150” long-term vision of institutional innovation aimed at helping ensure it contributes to the sustainability and enrichment of society. In line with this vision, we have been restructuring our faculties and departments, revamping our different campuses, and implementing a diverse range of innovations that promote recurrent education. Already, we have started to see results along a variety of indicators, and, as we move forward from the 2022 academic year according to our five-year mid-term plan, we will boldly embark on further innovations, such as digital transformation (DX) of our educational environment and augmentation of our facilities and equipment to facilitate more advanced research.

The journey for the Tokyo University of Science continues onward, without pausing or stopping. And, through the further improvement and refinement of its education and research, based on a tradition of “Achieving Excellence,” the Tokyo University of Science will also continue to contribute to society.

History of TUS Chairpersons

  1. Kotaro Honda

  2. Nakagoro Hirakawa

  3. Shigeyoshi Kittaka

  4. Sanjiro Sakabe

  5. Nobuyuki Koura

  6. Takeyo Tsukamoto

  7. Shigeru Nakane

  8. Kazuo Motoyama

  9. Takayuki Hamamoto