After arriving in Japan, it is necessary to carry out various procedures within and outside of the University. TUS also has an Advisor System available to support international students so they can live in Japan without any worries.

Obtain a Resident Card After Arriving in Japan

A Resident Card will be issued to persons residing in Japan with a mid-to long-termresident status.

Ministry of Justice
Carry Out Procedures at the University

After your student ID is issued, you have to carry out class registration and other procedures. Participate in orientations held by various departments and graduate schools, and carry out the necessary procedures at respective offices, etc.

Enrollment Confirmation

You must confirm your enrollment monthly to the respective office at your campus. Please be sure to conduct this action each month. If you are found to be absent from class for an extended period, the university is obliged to report your absence to the Immigration Bureau and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Leaving Japan Temporarily and Re-entry Permit

When leaving temporarily Japan you should hand in a "Notice of Temporary Leave" to the respective office at your campus.

International Student Assistance Services
Permission to Engage in Other Activities (Part-time Jobs, etc.)

For an international student to work at a part-time job, a "permission to engage in an activity outside the scope permitted" is mandatory.

Part-time Jobs
Carry Out Procedures at the Ward Office / City Office

International students must be enrolled in the National Health Insurance.

  • Enroll in the Japan National Health Insurance

    International students and researchers that stay in Japan for 3 months or more must be enrolled in the National Health Insurance. To enroll you must visit the National Health Insurance Department of your local city hall. Take your Resident Card to the reception desk and complete all the procedures. You will subsequently receive an insurance card at a later date.
    After enrolling to the National Health Insurance, you will need to pay the insurance fee each month. However, this fee may be reduced or waived for low-income applicants. Please ask the clerk at the National Health Insurance Department of your local city hall for more information.
    Present your card at clinics and hospitals and you will only be required to pay 30% of the medical costs.
    International students that have been issued an insurance card must present it at the Student Services Section (Kagurazaka, Noda, Katsushika).

Other Support
International Student Assistance Services (Advisor System)

Each campus has an International Student Services Section with Bulletin Boards, offering a variety of support services and information for international students. TUS has an advisor system for newly admitted international students in the department that covers their first half year of study.

Student Support: International Student Assistance Services
Japanese Language Classes

Some undergraduate programs have classes on the Japanese language and on Japan.

Student Support: Japanese Language Classes
Health Management & Wellness

University healthcare centers and counselling rooms support students with any mental and physical health problems they may be experiencing.

Student Support:Health Management & Wellness
Important Information for Daily Life

Police, hospitals, post offices, etc.

Important Information for Daily Life
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