Facts & Figures

Graduate Students
(As of May 2023)

The Graduate School of Science is comprised of six departments: mathematics, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, applied physics, and mathematics and science education. These departments encompass not only the basic fields of science but also expand into new areas that push beyond the conventional boundaries of each, with teachers and students working together in some of the most advanced research and educational institutions in Japan to pursue a global standard of research. Many of the teaching faculty in the Graduate School of Science, as key members of research divisions and research centers in the Research Institute for Science & Technology, are helping to communicate groundbreaking research results and are significantly contributing to the discovery of fundamental principles and development of fundamental technologies in a broad range of areas. In addition, the Department of Physics and Department of Applied Physics within the Graduate School of Science participate in "collaborative exchange with other universities’ graduate schools," thereby facilitating outside researchers on the cutting edges of their fields to come as visiting instructors capable of helping students who want to venture into new areas.


  1. The objective of the master course is to provide instruction and research guidance on theories and applications of science from a broad perspective, on top of the fundamentals of general and specialized education that students have learned in Undergraduate School, to cultivate human resources full of deep knowledge and research capabilities, through which they can contribute to the advancement of cultures.
  2. The objective of the doctor course is to add knowledge from new perspectives to the academic awareness of the past, contribute to the advancement of culture, and foster the capacity to provide guidance on research related to students' major fields of study, by providing guidance to cultivate original research capabilities.
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