• Tokyo University of Science has libraries in five different areas: Kagurazaka, Fujimi, Noda, Katsushika and Oshamambe. The university has a collection of about Approx.900,000 volumes-one of the largest collections among engineering universities in Japan. TUS also lends out more books than any other science and engineering university in the country, with a total of nearly 220,000 volumes checked out each year. TUS works daily to offer students a place to browse material and get the information they need to improve their learning experience, as well as offer graduate students and members of the faculty a place where they can quickly assemble and make use of the information they need for their research activities.

    As the world becomes increasingly digitized, TUS has been rapidly adding to its printed collection by increasing the percentage of images and electronic information accessible via internet.

  • The use of electronic information continues to expand, particularly in the field of academic research, as it is not only easy to search but can be accessed around the clock from any location. Tokyo University of Science is also looking to develop its libraries so that they are even more useful to students and members of the faculty, and is moving towards a next-generation electronic library system.

    Our main purpose in moving to an electronic library format is to make our facilities more convenient to use. In line with this goal, we will continue to seek feedback from library users as we work towards further enriching the functionality of our electronic library. We look forward to your ongoing support.

Points to Note Regarding the Use of
Electronic Journals and the Like

Downloading large volumes of documents is prohibited (documents are downloaded also when being viewed).

Keep the number of files downloaded per day to the amount you can completely read on that day. Do not save files for reference on another day.
In particular, you must never perform a batch download of files using a program or the like. Not just the PC you used but the entire university may become unable to use the source as a result.

Services for Students, Staff and Faculty

Services are available only to students staff and faculty of TUS. You need a user registration to be able to use the service. Please visit the counter at one of the libraries, and bring your student ID card or staff and faculty ID card.

Please use My Library for reservations, orders, requests for copies of documents, or requests to borrow material from the library.

Library on Each Campus

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