The objective of the Department of Mathematics and Science Education is to foster human resources engaged in science education in broad areas of society, focusing on cultivating mathematics and science teachers with a broad understanding of science as well as high educational expertise and teaching skills, and who can develop classes and curriculums that enable their students to understand and take an interest in the contents.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Mathematics Course ITOU Hiromichi Professor Mathematics, Mathematics Education
SAKO Akifumi Professor Mathematics, Mathematics Education
SHIMIZU Katsuhiko Professor Mathematics Education, Information Education
YATSUNAMI Mitsutoshi Professor Student Guidance, School Counseling
YAMAMOTO Yoshito Professor Information Education
KIKUCHI Yasushi Professor Information Education, Numerical Analysis
WATANABE Yuki Professor Educational Technology, Instructional Systems,Mathematics Education
Science Course ITO Gen Professor Educational Philosophy Educational Authropology, Clinical Education
INOUE Masayuki Professor Study of Chemistry Experiments, Organic Chemistry
OHTA Hisataka Professor Plant Molecular Biology
OKIHARU Fumiko Professor Physics Education, Science Education
KAWAMURA Yasufumi Professor Physics Education, Energy and Environmental Education
SHIN Chang-Geon Professor History of Science
SEKI Yoji Professor Earth Science Education, Environmental Education, Water Environment
TAKEMURA Masaharu Professor Biological Education, Life Science
NAKAMURA Yutaka Professor School Pedagogy, School Psychology, Extracurricular Activities
MATSUDA Ryoichi Professor Cell Biology,Biology Education
OURA Hiroki Associate Professor Educational Technology, Collaborative Learning, Learning Science