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The Department of Applied Biological Science explores the basic laws of life science, ranging from microorganisms to human beings, and fosters human resources who possess the ability to plan and execute thorough experimental strategies for resolving issues in science, agriculture, medicine and pharmaceutical science, and environmental engineering.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Environmental Information Biology Professor KUCHITSU Kazuyuki Molecular Mechanisms of Environmental Responses and Signal Transduction
Enzymology Professor TAGUCHI Hayao Enzyme Engineering, Biomacromolecular Chemistry
Molecular biology Professor KAMAKURA Takashi Molecular biology, Applied microbiology (Molecular biology of fungi and bacteria)
Neuroscience Professor FURUICHI Teiichi Neurobiology of brain development
Cell biology Professor MATSUNAGA Sachihiro Live cell imaging, cell division, development and morphogenesis
Developmental biology Professor WADA Naoyuki Tissue morphogenesis and regeneration
Molecular and Cellular Bioscience Professor KURODA Reiko Biochemistry, Biophysics
Molecular Biology Associate Professor MOROHASHI Kengo System Biology, Biological Network
Microbial Ecology Associate Professor SUZUKI Tomonori Ecology and Phylogeny of Microorganisms
Bioorganic Chemistry Associate Professor KURAMOCHI Kouji Chemical Biology, Organic Synthesis
Biochemistry Junior Associate Professor MASAIKE Tomoko Single-molecule Biology,Mechanisms Of Proteins
Applied Biochemistry Junior Associate Professor FURUYA Toshiki Microbial metabolism and
enzyme catalysis
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Molecular Biochemistry Visiting Professor SORIMACHI Hiroyuki Regulation for Cell Functions by Proteolysis
Professor* TAGUCHI Hayao
Molecular Biology Visiting Professor MASAI Hisao Chromosomal DNA Replication and Cell Cycle Regulation
Professor* FURUICHI Teiichi
Molecular Genetics Visiting Professor SHIBASAKI Futoshi Molecular Pathology for Hereditary Diseases and Development for Treatment
Professor* WADA Naoyuki
Computational Glycomics Visiting Professor FUKUI Kazuhiko Glycoscience, Computational Science
Associate Professor* MOROHASHI Kengo
Food Biochemistry Visiting Professor MACHIDA Sachiko Membrane chemistry (Membrane protein), Biomolecular engineering
Professor* TAGUCHI Hayao
Virus Life Science Visiting Associate Professor WATASHI Kouichi Mechanistic analysis of the replication and development of therapeutics for tumor viruses such as hepatitis Band C virus
Professor* FURUICHI Teiichi
Cancer Chemotherapy Visiting Associate Professor DAN Shingo Cancer chemotherapy, Biomarkers for anticancer agents, Bioinformatics
Associate Professor* KURAMOCHI Kouji
Medical Science Visiting Professor HIROTA Tohru Cell cycle, Cell division, Chromosome dynamics
Professor* FURUICHI Teiichi
Biological Clock Visiting Associate Professor OISHI Katsutaka Biological clock research
Professor* WADA Naoyuki
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.