The Department of Biological Sciences, which was established in 1997, is the only major of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences and is not associated with specific faculty. This department consists of the several research divisions of the institute, which scientific field of subjects cover molecular biology, immunobiology, biosignaling, molecular pathology, aging and experimental animal immunology. By utilizing the advanced facilities of the institute, the department provides specialized educational courses, especially basic medicine, immunology, neuroscience and cancer biology. The Graduate School of Biological Sciences aims to cultivate individuals being engaged in research activities without being bound by the conventional specialized fields and develop as a platform for “knowledge” of life sciences for bringing research accomplishments to the world. It is therefore welcomed that not only graduates of our university, which is a comprehensive science university, but also students who have learned the basics of science in different fields will gather from all over the world. Those students are actively engaged in research activities with support from faculty members in an environment where state-of-the-art facilities are available, learn the advanced life sciences, and are highly expected to be next-generation leaders of scientific communities in the future.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Immunobiology IKAWA Tomokatsu Professor Immunobiology
MATSUSHIMA Kouji Professor Inflammation and Immunology
UEHA Satoshi Associate Professor Inflammation and Immunology
 TERASHIMA Yuya Junior Associate Professor Inflammation and Immunology
Drug Discovery
Molecular Biology KITAMURA Daisuke Professor Molecular Immunology
MIYAMOTO-SATO Etsuko Professor Functional Genomics, Chemical Biology
Research Institute for Science and Technology
KON Shunsuke Junior Associate Professor Tumor Biology
Biosignaling NAKAMURA Takeshi Professor Neuroscience
KOZONO Haruo Associate Professor Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Development and Aging GOITSUKA Ryo Professor Developmental Immunology, Regenerative Biology
SAKURAI Masayuki Junior Associate Professor Genome & RNA Editing Pathology
Molecular Pathology KUBO Masato Professor Immunology, Allergolgy
NAKANO Naoko Associate Professor Immune Regulation
Experimental Animal Immunology IWAKURA Yoichiro Professor Experimental Animal Immunology
OGAWA Shuhei Junior Associate Professor Experimental Animal Immunology