The Department of Biological Sciences is the only department in the Graduate School of Biological Sciences. In this department, high-level, specialized education with a particular focus on basic medicine, immunology, neuroscience, cancer biology, etc., which are systemic life sciences, is carried out using the facilities of the Research Institute for Biomedical Science, centering on themes that are currently gaining attention, such as molecular biology, immunobiology, bioinformatics, molecular pathology, chronobiology and cancer biology, with the major research areas of the Research Institute as the foundation. Here, the objective is to foster human resources who can carry out research activities from diversified perspectives and to communicate research results to the world as a “knowledge” base for life sciences, rather than being caught up in individualized fields of specialization as in the past. In addition to graduates of our University, which is a comprehensive science university, there are expectations for students who have learned the basics of science in various fields to gather from around the world. By ensuring that these students cultivate abundant creativity as well as advanced, specialized knowledge, while working hard with faculty members who are researchers active at the forefront of life sciences, we anticipate that they will succeed as bearers of the next generation who pioneer life sciences.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Immunobiology MATSUSHIMA Kouji Professor Inflammation and Immunology
IKAWA Tomokatsu Professor Immunobiology
UEHA Satoshi Associate Professor Inflammation and Immunology
 TERASHIMA Yuya Junior Associate Professor Inflammation and Immunology
Drug Discovery
Molecular Biology KITAMURA Daisuke Professor Molecular Immunology
MIYAMOTO-SATO Etsuko Professor Functional Genomics, Chemical Biology
Research Institute for Science and Technology
HANIUDA Kei Junior Associate Professor Immunology
KON Shunsuke Junior Associate Professor Tumor Biology
Biosignaling NAKAMURA Takeshi Professor Neuroscience
KOZONO Haruo Associate Professor Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Development and Aging GOITSUKA Ryo Professor Developmental Immunology, Regenerative Biology
SAKURAI Masayuki Junior Associate Professor Genome & RNA Editing Pathology
Molecular Pathology KUBO Masato Professor Immunology, Allergolgy
NAKANO Naoko Associate Professor Immune Regulation
Experimental Animal Immunology IWAKURA Yoichiro Professor Experimental Animal Immunology
OGAWA Shuhei Junior Associate Professor Immunobioogy, Development Engineering