Tokyo University of Science


Mathematics is one of the most fundamental building blocks of academics and scientific technology, and is the main focus of the education and research conducted at the Department of Mathematics. The department also broadens this core principle to cover mathematical aspects of other disciplines of science and through this we nurture human resources with creativity and advanced cognitive capabilities.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Algebra Professor ITO Hiroyuki Algebraic Geometry
Associate Professor HACHIMORI Yoshitaka Iwasawa Theory
Associate Professor AOKI Hiroki Algebra
Associate Professor KOMATSU Toru Number Theory
Junior Associate Professor KASHIO Tomokazu Number Theory
Geometry Professor TANAKA Makiko Differential Geometry
Professor HIROSE Susumu Low Dimensional Topology
Professor MATSUMOTO Kazuko Complex Analytic Geometry
Associate Professor OHASHI Hisanori Algebraic Geometry
Junior Associate Professor BABA Kurando Differential Geometry
Analysis Professor TACHIKAWA Atsushi Partial Differential Equations
Professor MATSUMOTO Kazuko Several Complex Variables
Professor YAMAZAKI Taeko Partial Differential Equations
Associate Professor USHIJIMA Takeo Partial Differential Equations
Junior Associate Professor AIKI Masashi Partial Differential Equations
Applied Mathematics Professor TACHIKAWA Atsushi Global Analysis, Variational Problems
Professor HIRABA Seiji Stochastic Analysis
Associate Professor USHIJIMA Takeo Numerical Analysis
Junior Associate Professor AIKI Masashi Mathematical Science