The objective of the Department of Applied Physics is to carry out advanced education and research related to fundamental and leading-edge physics as well as broad education and research related to the application of physics, which also serves as a bridge to engineering, and to create innovation for reforming society. In addition, the objective of the department is also to foster researchers and engineers who can pull the society forward based on a social sense of ethics, global perspective, and high aspirations to take on a challenge to make new academic fields and industries prosperous.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Condensed Matter Physics ITOU Tetsuaki Professor Magnetism
SAITOH Tomohiko Professor Solid-State Electronic Structure
TOHYAMA Takami Professor Condensed Matter Theory
MIYAKAWA Nobuaki Professor Superconductivity,Crystal Growth
MIYAJIMA Kensuke Professor Optical Properties of Materials
Applied Physics ARAKI Osamu Professor Computational Neuroscience
OKAMURA Soichiro Professor Information Element Science
KINOSHITA Kentaro Professor Device physics (memory devices, materials for memory devices)
SUMINO Yutaka Associate Professor Soft Matter Physics
NAKAJIMA Takashi Associate Professor Organic Functional Materials
HIGUCHI Tohru Associate Professor Oxide Semiconductors
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Condensed Matter Physics ARISAWA Shunichi Visiting Professor Superconductor Technology
IKEDA Shin-ichi Visiting Professor Materials Science
OHNO Takahiro Visiting Professor Computational Physics
Xiao Hu Visiting Professor Computational Physics
EISAKI Hiroshi Visiting Professor Superconductivity
TAKANO Yoshihiko Visiting Professor Superconductivity
OGINO Hiraku Visiting Professor Inorganic Solid-State Chemistry
Applied Physics ISHIBASHI Koji Visiting Professor Nano-Device Technology
KOBAYASHI Kiyoshi Visiting Professor Solid State Ionics
WADA Tomoyuki Visiting Professor Photonics
SAITO Shiro Visiting Professor Quantum Information Physics
TSUCHIYA Takashi Visiting Associate Professor Nanoionic Devices
FUKAGAWA Hirohiko Visiting Associate Professor Organic Electroluminescence
TAMAGAWA Toru Visiting Professor X-ray and γ-ray Astronomy
TANAKA Koji Visiting Associate Professor Space Energy Engineering
TACHIKAWA Sumitaka Visiting Associate Professor Thermophysical Properties
TARUCHA Seigo Visiting Professor Quamtum Information Electronics
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