The purpose of the Department of Pharmacy is to cultivate advanced pharmacists (medical practitioners) who are full of humanity and have a thirst for research, and who can contribute to advancing healthcare based on the principle of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of "protecting the health of human beings through molecular medicine."

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Drug Discovery Science

    The genes and proteins involved in diseases have been uncovered. Today, the goal of drug discovery research is to create new drugs also from theoretical approaches utilizing genome information and computer science in addition to the conventional techniques of synthetic chemistry.

    Goto Research Group / Higashi(K) Research Group / Higashi(T) Research Group / Takahashi Research Group /Yasumoto Research Group

  • Environmental / Sanitary Pharmacy

    Preventing diseases and promoting health are two important missions of pharmaceutical science. Environmental / sanitary pharmacy is a traditional pharmaceutical field of scientific study into human health from a broad perspective encompassing the atomic / molecular level and reaching up to the global environment. On a foundation of nutritional science, food hygienics, public health, toxicology, and environmental hygiene, we continue to contribute to disease prevention and health promotion.

    Fujie Research Group / Horiguchi Research Group / Ichihara Research Group

  • Life Pharmacy

    We study life from a multifaceted approach at the genetic level, the molecular level, the cellular level, and the organism level, to clarify the mechanisms by which cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, diabetes, immune disorders, infectious diseases and the like are caused, and to contribute to the development of even better drugs.

    Hada Research Group / Isohama Research Group / Miyazaki Research Group / Nishikawa Research Group / Noguchi Research Group / Saitoh Research Group / Sato(A) Research Group / Shikano Research Group / Tsukimoto Research Group

  • Medical / Information Pharmacy

    This area will help you to become a pharmacist capable of improving the patients' quality of life by collecting and utilizing information on the effects, side effects and combinations of drugs, and by using drugs properly in consideration of the symptoms and the medication history.

    Hanawa Research Group / Kawano Research Group / Mano Research Group / Negishi Research Group / Sato(T) Research Group / Shimada Research Group / Suzuki Research Group / Takasawa Research Group / Yoshizawa Research Group

List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
GOTO Satoru Professor Physical pharmacy Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship, Topology
HADA Noriyasu Professor Chemical pharmacy Carbohydrate Chemistry, Phytochemistry
HANAWA Takehisa Professor Medical pharmacy
HIGASHI Tatsuya Professor Physical pharmacy Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
ICHIHARA Gaku Professor Hygiene and public health Occupational and Environmental Health
Ijuin Kazushige Professor Medical pharmacy
ISOHAMA Yoichiro Professor Biological pharmacy airway, inflammation, airaway secretion, Kampo medicine, aquaporin
MANO Yasunari Professor Medical pharmacy
MIYAZAKI Satoru Professor Genome biology Bioinformatics,database
NISHIKAWA Makiya Professor Physical pharmacy
Applied pharmacology

NOGUCHI Kohji Professor Biological pharmacy
SAITOH Akiyoshi Professor Pharmacology in pharmacy Medicinal pharmacology, behavioral pharmacology, Neuroscience
SAKURAI Shingo Professor Drug development chemistry
SHIKAMURA Yoshiaki Professor Medical pharmacy Pharmacy Administration
SHIKANO Mayumi Professor
TAKAHASHI Hideyo Professor Chemical pharmacy axial chilarity, carbohydrate chemistry, Menkes disease,
TSUKIMOTO Mitsutoshi Professor Biological pharmacy radiation biology, purinoceptor, immunology
YOSHIZAWA Kazumi Professor Biological pharmacy Pharmacology and Therapeutics
HIGASHI Kyohei Associate Professor Physical pharmacy Clinical and Analytical Biochemistry
SATO Akira Associate Professor Biological pharmacy Biochemistry・Molecular Biology
SATO Tsugumichi Associate Professor Medical pharmacy
Epidemiology and preventive medicine
Pharmacoepidemiology, Therapeutic risk management, Drug informatics, Social pharmacy
SHIMADA Shuji Associate Professor Medical pharmacy
SUZUKI Tatsunori Associate Professor Sports science
Applied health science
Medical pharmacy
General internal medicine (including psychosomatic medicine)
Clinical pharmacy
TAKASAWA Ryoko Associate Professor Biological pharmacy apoptosis, in silico drug creation
FUJIE Tomoya Junior Associate Professor Environmental and hygienic pharmacy Environmental Health Science
KAWANO Yohei Junior Associate Professor Medical pharmacy
MORI-YASUMOTO Kanami Junior Associate Professor Natural medicines Structure Elucidation NTDs Leishmaniasis Medicinal Plant
YAMADA Daisuke Junior Associate Professor Neurochemistry/Neuropharmacology
HIROSE Kaoru Assistant Professor
Itakura Shoko Assistant Professor
KASAI Satoka Assistant Professor
KITABATAKE Kazuki Assistant Professor
KOMENO Masahiro Assistant Professor Food science
MAEDA Ayako Assistant Professor Medical pharmacy Drug informatics, Kampo Medicine
MURAKAMI Kazuhito Assistant Professor
NAKAMURA Kayo Assistant Professor
Nakano Yoshio Assistant Professor Physical pharmacy
Pharmacology in pharmacy
Pharmacology, C.elegans, aging, health lifespan
OKOSHI Kazuki Assistant Professor Natural medicines
TSUCHIDA Tomohiro Assistant Professor Physical pharmacy Protein science, Liquid-Liquid phase separation, Amyloid
YAMAMOTO Yuuichiro Assistant Professor Biological pharmacy Biological pharmacy (Virus, Oncology)
Zong Cai Assistant Professor Hygiene and public health Occupational and Environmental Health

Information on Career Paths

  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Medical, Insurance
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Graduate School
  • Civil Servant
  • Information Industry
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Other (Persons Planning on Continuing Education, Studying Abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2022)