The primary objective of the Department of Mathematics is to cultivate human resources who have learned methods for resolving mathematical problems, and who possess the ability to develop new research methods and resolve problems. In addition to fostering people who can contribute to the development of specialized fields as researchers, another aim of the department is to enable students to develop the capacity to be useful in resolving actual problems in the real world through exchanges and integration with other research fields. In addition, the Department of Mathematics also contributes to society by training teachers for secondary education who possess deep, specialized knowledge.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Algebra KIDA Masanari Professor Number Theory
KUNUGI Naoko Professor Representations of Finite Groups
SATOH Takao Professor Group Theory
ITABA Ayako Junior Associate Professor Representation Theory
Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry
YOSHIKAWA Shiyo Junior Associate Professor Number Theorey
Analysis OHTA Masahito Professor Partial Differential Equations
KATO Keiichi Professor Partial Differential Equations
YOKOTA Tomomi Professor Differential Equations
SAITO Isao Associate Professor Operator theory
ISHIDA Atsuhide Associate Professor Partial Differential Equations
TANAKA Mieko Associate Professor Variational Method
Geometry KOIKE Naoyuki Professor Differential Geometry
OYAMAGUCHI Natsumi Associate Professor Topology
Discrete Mathematics
NITTA Yasufumi Associate Professor Differential Geometry
Complex Geometry
YAMAKAWA Daisuke Associate Professor Complex Symplectic Geometry
Probability and Statistics KANEKO Hiroshi Professor Probability Analysis
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