The TUS campus life experience means not only innovative academics opportunities but also opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities and meet new friends.
Also TUS have a number of support services in place to ensure that all students have the help they may need during their studies.

Regarding Japan

  • The Japanese nation consists of four main islands called Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, as well as some 6,800 smaller islands. The islands of Japan extend quite far up north and down south. The weather may differ because of the effects of the seasonal winds coming from the land and ocean, but almost all regions have four very distinct seasons. 61% of the is mountainous, providing beautiful scenery with lush greenery.

  • Japan also has a great national wealth, boasting the world's 3rd largest GDP. Japan's economy is based mainly upon exports of automobiles, electronic appliances, machinery, and chemical products, all founded upon industrial technology considered to be among the best in the world.
    Japan has four seasons and each season has a different climate.

Campus Life

The TUS Experience

Real life experience of international students and researchers who already joined TUS.

Events & Activities

Student clubs play an important role in the TUS student experience.
There are literally hundreds of clubs activities on each campus reflecting the varied interests of TUS students.

  • TUS features a variety of top-class facilities. Cultural facilities include libraries in each campus and the Science and Technology Museum.

    Every TUS campus also features a range of athletic facilities to help maintain the health of students and members of the faculty.


Student Support

Dormitories & Housing

Introduction to student dormitories and housing.


The Japanese government, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), local public organizations, international exchange organizations, and private organizations offer various scholarships.

International Student Assistance Services
  • Health Management & Wellness
  • International
  • Japanese Language Classes
  • Health Management & Wellness

    University healthcare centers and counselling rooms support students with any mental and physical health problems they may be experiencing.

  • International

    International Rooms are established to advance international exchanges with the TUS. They are open to international and Japanese students and faculty in each campus.

  • Japanese Language Classes

    Some undergraduate programs have classes on the Japanese language and on Japan. International students can earn credits by taking these classes.

  • Before Arrival

    Moving to a new country to study can be daunting. TUS offer support to assist international students as much as possible with settling into the TUS community.

  • After Arrival

    TUS also has an Advisor System available to support international students so they can live in Japan without any worries.

Exchanges & Study Abroad

TUS students can enhance their learning experience and global competency by participating in the offered exchanges and study abroad programs.

Career Support

An introduction to our career centers, job-search seminars for international students, the state of future paths for international students, and alumni testimonials.

Security Export Control at our university

The university controls the technology transfer as the compliance with the laws and regulations to maintain the international peace and security.

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