Tokyo University of Science


The objective of the Department of Physics is to cultivate human resources who have advanced expertise and the capacity to implement research in the fields of physics and applied physics based on deep understanding and insight related to natural science as well as a social sense of ethics and international perspective. The department's aim is also to foster researchers who possess creative research capabilities and research guidance abilities based on broad knowledge in related academic fields, and educators who have a foundation of expertise on physics and applied physics.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Elementary Particle Physics Associate Professor SUZUKI Katsuhiko Nuclear Theory
Condensed Matter Physics Professor TSAI JAW SHEN Superconductivity / Quantum Information
Professor SAKATA Hideaki Ultralow Temperature Physics
Professor TOKUNAGA Eiji Optical Physics
Professor NAGASHIMA Yasuyuki Positron Annihilation / Positronium Physics
Professor NISHIO Taichiro Superconductive Materials
Professor NIKUNI Tetsuro Low Temperature Quantum Physics
Professor MITSUDA Setsuo Magnetism
Professor MEGURO Takashi Optical Physics
Professor WATANABE Kazuyuki Computational Physics
Associate Professor SAKAI Kazumitsu Mathematical Physics / Statistical Physics
Quantum Infomation Physics Professor ZHAO Xinwei Semiconductor Physics
Associate Professor SANAKA Kaoru Quantum Optics / Quantum Information
Associate Professor Mark paul sadgrove Nano-optics / Laser cooled atom
Geophysics Professor MIURA Kazuhiko Atmospheric Physics
Astrophysics Professor TSUJIKAWA Shinji Astrophysics
Professor MATSUSHITA Kyoko X-ray Astronomy
Biophysics Professor UMEMURA Kazuo Biophysics
Professor TOMO Tatsuya Photo-biochemical Physics
Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System
Condensed Matter Physics Visiting Professor ARISAWA Shunichi Superconductor Technology
Visiting Professor IKEDA Shin-ichi Materials Science
Visiting Professor OHNO Takahiro Computational Physics
Visiting Professor TAWARA Takehiko Quantum Optics and Thin Film
Visiting Professor Xiao Hu Computational Physics
Visiting Professor TAKANO Yoshihiko Superconductive Materials
Visiting Professor EISAKI Hiroshi Superconductivity
Quantum Infomation Physics Visiting Professor TARUCHA Seigo Quantum Infomation Electronics
Applied Physics Visiting Professor AIURA Yoshihiro Photoemission Spectroscopy
Visiting Professor IJIMA Takashi Piezoelectric Materials Science
Visiting Professor ISHIBASHI Koji Nano-Device Technology
Visiting Professor WADA Tomoyuki Photonics
Visiting Professor KOBAYASHI Kiyoshi Solid State Ionics
Visiting Associate Professor TSUCHIYA Takashi Nanoionic Devices
Visiting Associate Professor SAITO Shiro Quantum Information Physics
Visiting Associate Professor FUKAGAWA Hirohiko Organic Electroluminescence
Visiting Associate Professor FUJISAKI Yoshihide Organic Transistor
Geophysics Visiting Professor HAYAMI Hiroshi Atmospheric Physics
Astrophysics Visiting Professor TAMAGAWA Toru X-ray and γ-ray Astronomy
Visiting Associate Professor TANAKA Koji
(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Space Energy Science and Engineering
Visiting Associate Professor TACHIKAWA Sumitaka Thermal engineering