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Produce an Extremely Large Amount of Human Resources in Many Fields As a Source of Power for Supporting a "Science and Technology-Oriented Country"

The basic philosophy of the Faculty of Science Division I is to practice strict education that calls for the "advancement of science," which has been the tradition of the university ever since it was established in 1881 as the Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo (Tokyo Academy of Physics), and true "meritocracy," which has been in place since the university was known as the Tokyo Butsuri Gakko (Tokyo College of Science). The Faculty of Science Division I has achieved expansion as a large source of power that supports a "science and technology-oriented country." Today, the Faculty is comprised of 6 departments, and continues to produce an extremely large number of human resources in many fields, such as the academic sector, educational sector, industrial sector and government sector. The Faculty of Science Division I defines "cultivation of human resources who have acquired advanced specialized knowledge on top of sufficient fundamental scholastic ability, and who possess a strong sense of ethics and abundant human qualities that are backed by an enriched education" as a new educational goal in aiming towards the "construction of science and technology" that modern-day society seeks in the midst of a social situation that continues to develop and fluctuate, and is making approaches toward educational reform the objective of which is the "development of human resources who have a firm conviction and merit, who are moral and full of human character, in addition to specialized scholastic ability and the capacity to solve problems."

List of Departments

Message from the Dean

Dean, Hideaki Sakata

Faculty of Science Division I
Dean, Hideaki Sakata

Our aim is to develop human resources who can play a leadership role in society

The Faculty of Science Division I is comprised of 6 departments in total, among which 3 departments focus on fundamental/theoretical sciences (mathematics, physics, and chemistry), and the other 3 departments engage in applied sciences (mathematical information science, applied physics, and applied chemistry). All these departments are working hard together to improve the quality of education and research in order to accomplish the mission of our university, which is the advancement of science.
Scientific research proceeds by 4 stages of work Explore, Discover, Understand, and Predict.
Our specialized education takes account of the latest research trends, in addition to maintaining the basic scientific stance toward the exploration of natural phenomena. Since communication skills are most important for future careers, students are strongly recommended to study humanities and social sciences as well. We also encourage students to actively participate in seminar sessions and sports/cultural club activities to enrich their humanity. We provide a variety of programs for developing leading human resources in science and technology in this era of globalization, such as One Year Study Abroad Program at University of California, other Foreign Exchange Program with Overseas Partner Universities, and overseas collaborative research programs.To conclude, the Faculty of Science Division I aims to cultivate human resources capable of displaying their leaderships in society, by taking advantage of their expertise, rich humanity, and international ways of thinking.