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(As of May 2020)

Broad s Studies on General Education That Are Necessary for Engineers as Well as Learning, Techniques and Research Methods in the Field of Engineering

The aim of the Faculty of Engineering is to cultivate human resources with leadership capabilities, who have mastered the learning, techniques and research methods desired of researchers, engineers and designers in the field of engineering, who can discover academic and practical issues from an interdisciplinary standpoint and the ability to resolve such issues. They will also possess sound judgment with regard to society and awareness of their responsibility, and who can contribute to the maintenance and development of culture. In order to achieve this objective, education in the Faculty of Engineering consists of studies regarding fundamental contents in various specialized fields related to science and technology through lectures, laboratories, discussions and graduation research, as well as studies on various basic subjects that serve as the foundation for specialized subjects.

Furthermore, rather than focusing only on science and technology, broad studies are also carried out on vast knowledge, common sense and ethics necessary for engineers, as well as on general education that serves as the basis of comprehensive judgment and decision-making abilities to create things based on interdisciplinary, international and sensible ideas, by making use of the environmental conditions of an urban campus.

Message from the Dean

Sending Out Resources Who Can Exhibit Leadership Society

For more than 50 years, the Faculty of Engineering has produced human resources who can support monozukuri (manufacturing) that is instrumental to the real world. As we welcome a shift from an "era focused on hardware development" such as of computers and telecommunications, to an "era of software development" that is represented by development of applications and methods to make use of big data, the Faculty of Engineering has established the department of Information and Computer Technology in April 2016 to adapt to such changes in the times. This is a new Department that explores how to make use of information in creating mechanisms for the future. To adapt to the rapidly-changing society, the Faculty of Engineering is constantly practicing cutting-edge education and research that constantly looks at the monozukuri of the new era. Based on learning the unchanging knowledge and capacity necessary for monozukuri and securing fundamental strength, students are able to polish their sense of understanding of technical rightness, ethical rightness, and social rightness, upon acquiring reliable and practical skills while actively conducting joint research with corporations. At the same time, the Faculty of Engineering is also aiming to foster global human resources who are not simply engineers, but who are also able to exhibit leadership and who can challenge anything that comes their way. The strength of the Faculty of Engineering is to be able to polish such fundamental human resources.

KONDO Yukishige

Dean, Faculty of Engineering