From your entrance ceremony to your graduation ceremony, university life is full of different events and ceremonies.

4 April
  • Entrance Ceremony
  • Oshamambe Campus, Hokkaido Dorm Assignment Ceremony
  • New Student Orientation
  • Course Registration
  • First Day of Classes (first semester)
  • Guide to Extracurricular Activities
  • Guide to Teaching Profession Course
  • Guide to Career for New Student
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Sports Competition (Oshamambe Campus, Hokkaido)
5 May
  • School Founding Anniversary (May 4)
6 June
  • Tokyo Academy of Physics Anniversary (June 14)
  • Science Fair
7 July
  • First Semester Exams
8 August
  • Open Campus (Kagurazaka, Noda, Katsushika)
  • Graduate School Entrance Exams (general exams)
  • Language Programs (Oregon, California, Manchester, Tronto, Sydney)
  • Summer Break
9 September
  • First Day of Classes (second semester)
10 October
  • Division I and II Sports Competitions
  • Oshamambe Campus, Hokkaido Festival
  • Home Coming Day
11 November
  • School Festival (TUS festival)
12 December
  • Winter Break
1 January
  • Second Semester Exams
2 February
  • Dorm Moving-out Ceremony
3 March
  • Degrees and Certifications Awarded
  • Silicon Valley Program (Internship)
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