The principle and goals of TUS and the mission, aims and educational goals of TUS schools and departments and retracing our steps from the university's founding.

"Achieving Excellence"

Founding Spirit
Building a better future with Science
Education and Research Ideal
Innovation in Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
Known for Having a Principle of "Achieving Excellence" whereby Graduation Is Earned Only by Those Students Who Are Truly Capable

Our university was founded under the name "Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo" (Tokyo Academy of Physics) in 1881 by 21 young bachelors of science who had just graduated from Tokyo University, and was renamed to "Tokyo Butsuri Gakko" (Tokyo College of Science) two years later. Even though admission did not involve any examinations, education was tough, allowing less than one in ten students to graduate - strictly adhering to the principle of "Achieving Excellence", which means that only students who had truly acquired real capabilities were permitted to graduate. In 1949, the Tokyo College of Science was reorganized under the new university system and became the "Tokyo University of Science" (TUS). Along with the advance of science and technology, departments covering a wide range of fields were set up, and today, TUS is the only general university for science and technology in Japan.


Building a Better Future with Science

The Founding Spirit of TUS is “Building a Better Future with Science.” The educational and research philosophy of TUS, which aims to create science and technology for nature, people, society, and the harmonious development of all three, dovetails with the spirit of the sustainable development goals(SDGs), whose aim is the achievement of a sustain able world.


    The State of TUS on Its 150th Anniversary in 2031 From Japan’s TUS to the World’s

  • Training large numbers of people to leverage Japan’s advanced technology in the drive for innovation
  • TContributing people who can serve as world-class leaders in the fields of science and technology,business management and education
  • TAn environment that fosters people who can tirelessly seek solutions that contribute to humanity,with outstanding practical skills and perseverance
  • TA research hub that leads the world, covering the spectrum from basic to applied research
  • TA magnet for people from around the world seeking free, open and versatile dialogue in an interdisciplin ary community
  • TThe nucleus of a robust network of alumni who contribute to society wherever they are in the world


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