Tokyo University of Science founded in 1881, is one of the oldest private universities of science and technology in Japan. Rooted in a strong sense of ethics, scientists and engineers at TUS strive to solve global challenges and make the world a better place through science.

Key Facts

One of Japan's Largest and Most Storied
Private Science and Technology Universities
Total Campus Area
Students (total)
over 210,000
Approx. 390
Faculty Members
Partner Universities & Organizations
International Students
Student Nationalities
Approx. 20
Percentage Continuing to Graduate School
Career Decision Percentage (Students)
(As of May 2021)


Overseas Hubs

With a total of 77 partner universities and agencies, and 7 alumni associations worldwide,TUS supports the research and intellectual exchange of its students and researchers.

Mission & History

The principle and goals of TUS and the mission, aims and educational goals of TUS schools and departments and retracing our steps from the university's founding.

Founding Spirit

Building a better future with Science

Education and Research Ideal

Innovation in Science and Technology for Sustainable Development


Known for Having a Principle of "Achieving Excellence" whereby Graduation Is Earned Only by Those Students Who Are Truly Capable

2026 Medium-Term
Action Plan

With the 150th anniversary now ten years away in 2031, TUS continues to work towards its “TUS VISION 150” that preserves its history and traditions, resolutely pursuing growth and change. Our progress towards this vision is gauged according to medium-term action plans, with the latest being the “2026 Medium-Term Action Plan (2022-2026).”


Office of the President

Meet the University's President and see also the history of the successive generations of presidents.

Office of the Chairperson

Meet the Universityʼs Chairperson of the Board of Directors and see also the history of the successive generations of chairpersons.

Organization Chart

Organization chart of the undergraduate schools, graduate schools, departments, research institutes, and other institutions.

PR Tools

Publications, TUS Videos, and
Dedicated Websites published by TUS.

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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions such as what you need for the entrance examinations and admission procedures at TUS, Japanese language skills, scholarships, and other topics.