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In accordance with the reform of the education system for pharmaceutical sciences in 2006, a 6-year pharmacy discipline for cultivating high-quality pharmacists as medical practitioners and a 4-year medicinal and life science discipline to raising researchers and technicians in the field of pharmaceutical sciences was established. Furthermore, the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was reorganized. Recruitment for the existing master's course in pharmaceutical sciences was halted in April 2010 to make way for the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which was established on the discipline of medicinal and life sciences. In the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, educational research is carried out with an emphasis on cultivating pharmaceutical researchers. In the doctoral course in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a special selection system for working people has been introduced, leaving the doors open for researchers and technicians with experience in the working world. Active research and education are being expanded in an ideal environment equipped with the latest research facilities and measurement devices essential to pharmaceutical research, as well as a lineup of expert teaching staff.


  1. The objective of the master's course is to cultivate human resources who have a deep learning from a broad perspective based on a foundation of general and specialized education in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and who are capable of researching applications and theories in specialized fields.
  2. The objective of the doctoral course is to cultivate human resources with the ability to guide research related to their major field of study, as well as to add knowledge to conventional academic standards through creative research in the pharmaceutical sciences and contribute to the development of culture.