Facts & Figures

Graduate Students
(As of May 2023)

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences cultivates highly skilled pharmacists and pharmaceutical researchers and technicians through the six-year and four-year degree programs offered in the Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Medicinal and Life Sciences, respectively. Positioned above these departments is the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is composed of a four-year Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral Program based on the curriculum of the Department of Pharmacy and a two-year Department of Pharmacoscience Master's Program and three-year Department of Pharmacoscience Doctoral Program, both based on the curriculum of the Department of Medicinal and Life Sciences.
The aim of these programs is to build upon the undergraduate educational curriculum with cutting-edge, pharmaceutical-related research and education that leads to outstanding graduates equipped with the sort of broad perspective and sophisticated expertise necessary for contributing to society's health and well-being through better pharmacological health care.
A Special Admission System for Working Professionals has been introduced for the Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral Course and Doctoral Program to make it easier for working pharmacists, pharmaceutical researchers, technicians and other public and private sector professionals working in pharmaceutical-related fields to pursue graduate education. In addition, a Specialized Course for Working Professionals is being offered from the 2019 academic year onward, which features a curriculum enabling those already in the workforce to pursue a degree (doctorate) while still working. With an accomplished teaching faculty, as well as the sort of state-of-the-art research facilities and measurement systems that are necessary for pharmaceutical research, the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has created an ideal environment where innovative research and education are being actively pursued.


1. The objective of the master's course is to cultivate human resources who have a deep learning from a broad perspective based on a foundation of general and specialized education in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and who are capable of researching applications and theories in specialized fields.
2. The objective of the doctoral course is to cultivate human resources with the ability to guide research related to their major field of study, as well as to add knowledge to conventional academic standards through creative research in the pharmaceutical sciences and contribute to the development of culture.

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