The objective of the Department of Applied Mathematics is to foster researchers in various fields of applied mathematics who possess creative research capabilities, advanced knowledge in mathematics closely related to scientific technology, and the ability to apply such knowledge based on logical thinking.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Statistical Science SEO Takashi Professor Multivariate Analysis
HASHIGUCHI Hiroki Professor Mathematical Statistics
MIYAOKA Etsuo Professor Applied Statistics
KUROSAWA Takeshi Associate Professor Applied Statistics
MURAKAMI Hidetoshi Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics
SHIMOKAWA Asanao Junior Associate Professor Applied Statistics
Computational Mathematics ISHIWATA Emiko Professor Numerical Analysis
INUBUSHI Masanobu Associate Professor Applied Nonlinear Analysis
OGASAWARA Hideho Associate Professor Numerical Optimization
Information Mathematics KOTANI Keiko Professor Discrete Mathematics
SEKIGAWA Hiroshi Professor Computer Algebra
YANAGIDA Masahiro Professor Information Mathematics
MATSUZAKI Takuya Professor Natural Language Processing
HU Yannan Junior Associate Professor Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithm Design
NABESHIMA Katsusuke Associate Professor Computer Algebra