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The Graduate School of Engineering is comprised of 5 departments (Architecture, Industrial Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Management Science and Mechanical Engineering). Taking into consideration today's circumstances in which students who wish to go on to Graduate School are becoming diversified, the Graduate School of Engineering is putting endeavors such as the introduction of an in-school recommended admissions system for high-achieving students from among those who are planning on graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, the expansion of the limit for accepting students into the master's course, being the first among the Graduate Schools to implement a special screening system for working people, and the introduction of a day-night class system into practice, one after another. A major characteristic of the graduate school is that it has been responding quickly to various needs. The Graduate School of Engineering responds to the demands of society, executes fundamental and pioneering research, promotes research project that integrates these factors, and cultivates human resources who posses superior capabilities for technical development.


  1. The objective of the master's course is to cultivate human resources who have acquired specialized knowledge and skills that serve as the foundation for each of the departmental fields, as well as the ethics and common sense required of engineers, and who possess the ability to undertake professions that require research abilities and advanced expertise in specialized fields, with specialized and generalized education in the Faculty of Engineering as the foundation.
  2. The objective of the doctoral course is to foster human resources who possess the knowledge and ability to be able to undertake creative and independent research activities, who can be successful researchers on an international level, and who have leadership skills, through practice of research activities in their departmental field.