The objective of the Department of Materials Science and Technology is to cultivate human resources who possess creative capabilities and new perspectives relating to materials engineering and to contribute broadly to human society, by clarifying the qualities of materials from a consistent and uniform view ranging from the atomic and molecular level to a macroscopic level while maintaining a linkage between each field regardless of the existing framework of materials, and by carrying out research and education with this as the basis.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Design of Advanced Materials KIKUCHI Akihiko Professor Biomaterials Engineering
TAMURA Ryuji Professor Metallic Materials Engineering
NISHIO Keishi Professor Ceramics Engineering
AKIYAMA Yoshitsugu Associate Professor Engineered organic functional materials
KAMIMURA Masao Associate Professor Polymer Nanomaterials Engineering
KOBAYASHI Atsushi Associate Professor Functional Thin-Film Materials
Design of Advanced Functions KOTSUGI Masato Professor Electronic Solid-State Engineering
SOGA Kohei Professor Photonic Materials Engineering
FURUE Hirokazu Professor Liquid Crystal Materials Engineering
WATANABE Toshiyuki Professor Design science
SERA Toshihiro Professor Biologistics Engineering
HOBARA Hiroaki Associate Professor Biomechanics
UMEZAWA Masakazu Associate Professor Nanomedical engineering
ASOH Taka-Aki Associate Professor Functional Polymer Materials Engineering
Environment and Energy Materials IIDA Tsutomu Professor Environmentally-Friendly Semiconductor Engineering
YASUMORI Atsuo Professor Inorganic Glasses and Functional Materials
KATSUMATA Ken-ichi Professor Inorganic Glasses and Functional Materials
MAEDA Kei Professor Inorganic Glasses
Aerospace Materials KOGO Yasuo Professor Mechanical System
KOYANAGI Jun Professor Composite Materials Engineering
ARAI Yutaro Junior Associate Professor Mechanical System
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Materials Physics and Engineering SHIMIZU Takahisa Visiting Associate Professor OEL Materials Engineering (NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories)
FURUE Hirokazu Professor*
XU Ya Visiting Professor catalyst materials engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
TAMURA Ryuji Professor*
Organic Materials Engineering EBARA Mitsuhiro Visiting Professor Smart Biomaterials Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
KIKUCHI Akihiko Professor*
NAKANISHI Jun Visiting Professor Bioanalysis Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
KAMIMURA Masao Associate Professor*
NISHIGUCHI Akihiro Visiting Associate Profess Medical Soft Materials Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
ASOH Taka-Aki Associate Professor*
Thin Film Materials Engineering HARADA Takayuki Visiting Associate Professor Oxide Electronics (National Institute for Materials Science)
KOBAYASHI Atsushi Associate Professor*
Inorganic Materials Engineering SEGAWA Hiroyo Visiting Professor Amorphous Materials Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
YASUMORI Atsuo Professor*
MINOHARA Makoto Visiting Professor Thin Film Device Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
NISHIO Keishi Professor*
TANIGUCHI Takaaki Visiting Associate Professor Functional Nanomaterial (National Institute for Materials Science)
KATSUMATA Ken-ichi Professor*
System Materials/Composite Materials Engineering GOTO Ken Visiting Associate Professor Composite Materials Engineering (Heat-Resistant Composite Materials (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency))
KOGO Yasuo Professor*
YAMADA Kazuhiko Visiting Associate Professor Department of Space Flight Systems (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
KOYANAGI Jun Professor*
Semiconductor Materials Engineering AMAGAI Yasutaka Visiting Professor Thermal Energy Measurement Engineering (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
IIDA Tsutomu Professor*
NAGAMURA Naoka Visiting Associate Professor Surface and thin-film science,Analytical Chemistry (National Institute for Materials Science)
KOTSUGI Masato Professor*
Materials Process Engineering OHKUBO Tadakatsu Visiting Professor Nanostructure Materials Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
ISHIGURO Takashi Professor*
MORITA Koji Visiting Professor Nanoceramics Process Engineering (National Institute for Materials Science)
SOGA Kohei Professor*
Intelligence Cognition Engineering OSADA Kensuke Visiting Professor Theranostics Nanoengineering (National Institute for Quantum Science and Technology)
SOGA Kohei Professor*
Medical functional engineering YOSHINAKA Kiyoshi Visiting Professor Medical Engineering (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
SERA Toshihiro Professor*
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.
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