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The Department of Industrial Administration fosters human resources who can contribute to society upon acquiring knowledge and practical skills related to business management and information technology as well as mathematical analytical capabilities, and who possess the ability to optimally design and operate people, goods, money and information, all while discovering problems on their own and promoting harmonization with the environment. In order to achieve education targets, lecture courses are broadly divided into 5 systems, and creativity is applied so that students can systematically learn the latest, specialized knowledge over a broad scope.

  • Learn about information and mathematics, which are fundamental for engineering, through computer labs.
  • Acquire key techniques for corporate management, including quality control, cost control and production control.
  • Provide opportunities to enable for students to learn development themes such as system engineering, which promotes reconciliation with environmental and social issues, and software engineering to support advanced informatization.
  • Foster expressiveness, explanatory abilities and formation abilities oriented towards practice by carrying out labs and discussions for making presentation on themes that the students had learned, and writing papers and reports.

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Linear Algebra I / II
  • Calculus I / II
  • Exercise in Calculus A / B
  • Principle of Industrial Administration I / II
  • Statistics and Exercise I / II
  • Information Engineering and Exercise I / II
  • Linear Algebra Exercise A / B
  • Programming Practice A / B
  • Fundamental Industrial Administration Experiment I / II
  • Physics I / II
  • Chemistry I / II
  • Experiments in Physics A / B
  • Industrial Administration Experiment C / D
  • Preparation for Paper Writing IA / IB
  • Seminar I / II
  • Operations Research C / D
  • Intermediate Industrial Administration I / II
  • <General Subjects>
    • Human Science
    • English
Information Engineering
  • Intelligent Information Systems
  • Communication Networks for Computer I / II
  • Principle of Interface Design
  • Information Medialogy
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Information and Occupations

Graduation Research

  • Owada Research Group
  • Nishiyama Research Group
  • Harada Research Group
Management Mathmatics
  • Design of Experiments I / II
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Mathematical Statistics

Graduation Research

  • Suzuki Research Group
  • Takashima Research Group
Production Systems Engineering
  • Production Management I / II
  • Production System Engineering I / II
  • Supply Chain Management

Graduation Research

  • Ishigaki Research Group
  • Hibino Research Group
  • Kobayashi Research Group
Social Systems Engineering
  • Time series date analysis
  • Social System Engineering
  • Social System Engineering Exercise
  • Energy and Social Engineering

Graduation Research

  • Dowaki Research Group
  • Mori Research Group
Management Systems Engineering
  • Cost Management I / II
  • Quality Control I / II
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Financial Analysis

Graduation Research

  • Feng Research Group
  • Yasui Research Group

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Information industry


  • Machinery and appliances


  • Finance, insurance


  • Service


  • Transport, communication


  • Retail


  • Publishing, broadcasting


  • Food


  • Civil Servant


  • Other industries


  • Other (persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor DOWAKI Kiyoshi Environmental conscious materials and recycle
Reaction engineering/Process system
Energy engineering
Green production on basis of CFP and/or WFP, LCA of agricultural or industrial products
Bio-H2 production system, Fuel cell system of SOFC/PEFC including gas cleaning
LCA, Energy design, Analysis of renewable energy systems
Professor FENG Ling Accounting managemengt accounting,cost accounting,performance,enterprise evaluation,cost of capital
Professor MORI Shunsuke Energy engineering "Gloabal warming", "Energy economics modeling" "ICT and energy"
Professor NISHIYAMA Hiroyuki Computer system Multi-Agent System, Immune Security System
Professor OHWADA Hayato Intelligent informatics Inductive Logic Programming, Web Mining
Professor SUZUKI Tomomichi Social systems engineering/Safety system Statistical Data Analysis, Quality Management
Associate Professor HARADA Taku Kansei informatics Evolutionary Computation
Associate Professor HIBINO Hironori Production engineering/Processing studies Manufacturing system, Modeling and Simulation
Associate Professor ISHIGAKI Aya Social systems engineering/Safety system Design and optimization of supply chain
Associate Professor TAKASHIMA, Ryuta Social systems engineering/Safety system
Nuclear engineering
Energy engineering
Operations Research, Economic Engineering
Nuclear Economics, Nuclear Regulation
Energy Economics
Junior Associate Professor KOBAYASHI Kazuhiro Management Mathematical Optimization
Junior Associate Professor YASUI Seiichi Social systems engineering/Safety system Statistical Quality Control, Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control
Assistant Professor HATANO RYO Theory of informatics Mathematical Logic (Modal Logic)
Assistant Professor ITO Mari
Assistant Professor KITA Nanao Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Discrete Mathematics
Assistant Professor LU Xiao-Nan Theory of informatics
Statistical science
Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
Discrete Mathematics, Coding Theory, Cryptography
Design of Experiments, Group Testing
Combinatorics, Combinatorial Design Theory
Assistant Professor ONISHI Satoshi Civil and environmental engineering District heating & cooling system, sustainable city, LCA, Process modeling
Assistant Professor Seo Yuna
Assistant Professor SUZUKI Masaaki