The universal principle of the Department of Industrial Administration is to teach and research, not conventional engineering centered on unique technology, but comprehensive, optimized methodology to the activities of companies and organizations based on scientific and engineering knowledge and technology. This methodology includes information systems, production systems, social systems, management mathematics and management systems, and our goal is to offer education and research allowing students to systematically learn cutting-edge specialist knowledge covering a wide area to respond to the needs of society.

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Production Management Systems

    Corporate and social activities are managed by human groups (organizations). We research the systems and methodologies that are utilized not only to ensure the economical achievement of a rapid and smooth material flow in all production processes via the utilization of management resources, i.e., information, equipment, people and capital, and the functional application of organizational activities, but also to ensure the appropriateness of organizational activities.

    Goto Research Group / Ishigaki Research Group / Suzuki Research Group / Yasui Research Group

  • Social Information Systems

    We treat extraordinarily complex structures, such as companies, factories or the global environment, as systems, and we utilize empirical methods, simulations and other means to find ways of improving these systems. We also make use of artificial intelligence and other information technology to address challenges in various everyday social activities and, thereby, find approaches that will contribute to the betterment of society.

    Dowaki Research Group / Harada Research Group / Nishiyama Research Group / Ohwada Research Group / Seo Research Group / Takashima Research Group

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List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
DOWAKI Kiyoshi Professor Environmental conscious materials and recycle
Reaction engineering/Process system
Energy engineering
Green production on basis of CFP and/or WFP, LCA of agricultural or industrial products
Bio-H2 production system, Fuel cell system of SOFC/PEFC including gas cleaning
LCA, Energy design, Analysis of renewable energy systems
ISHIGAKI Aya Professor Social systems engineering/Safety system Design and optimization of supply chain
NISHIYAMA Hiroyuki Professor Computer system Multi-Agent System, Immune Security System
OHWADA Hayato Professor Intelligent informatics Inductive Logic Programming, Web Mining
SUZUKI Tomomichi Professor Social systems engineering/Safety system Statistical Data Analysis, Quality Management
TAKASHIMA, Ryuta Professor Social systems engineering/Safety system
Nuclear engineering
Energy engineering

GOTO Makoto Associate Professor Social systems engineering/Safety system
Sports science
Industrial Engineering, Finance, Project Management
Sport Business
Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering
HARADA Taku Associate Professor Intelligent informatics
Soft computing
Machine Learning
Evolutionary Computation
YASUI Seiichi Associate Professor Social systems engineering/Safety system Statistical Quality Control, Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control
HATANO RYO Junior Associate Professor Theory of informatics Mathematical Logic (Modal Logic)
ITAKA Shizu Junior Associate Professor Forest science Multivariate analysis, Spatial analysis, Forest planning, Agricultural information
Seo Yuna Junior Associate Professor Social systems engineering/Safety system Regional economics, Economic engineering, Environmental impact assessment
IJUIN Hiromasa Assistant Professor Computational science Transportation Problelm, Mathematical Optimization, Linear Programming
ITO Kazuya Assistant Professor
MARTONO Niken Prasasti Assistant Professor Intelligent informatics Machine Learning, Data Mining, Agent-based Modeling and Simulation (ABMS)
Miao Shan Assistant Professor Physical properties of metals/Metal-base materials
SHIMOSHIMIZU Makoto Assistant Professor

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School
  • Information Industry
  • Machinery and Appliances
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Real Estate and Goods Rental and Leasing
  • Civil Servant
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Lifestyle and Related Services, Entertainment Industry
  • Other Industries
  • Other (Persons Planning on Continuing Education, Studying Abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2023)
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