The objective of the Department of Global Fire Science and Technology is to foster advanced and specialized professionals who can adopt effective measures for controlling fire disaster risks by using the results of cutting-edge research related to fire safety performance evaluations and the establishment of design systems based on such evaluations, with the goal of controlling fire disaster risks in urban spaces.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Fire Science and Technology DOBASHI Ritsu Professor Fire and Explosion Phenomena, Combustion Theory, Industrial Safety
HAGIWARA Ichiro Professor Evacuation safety, Fire safety design of buildings, Performance-based Code
ICHIMURA Shiro Professor Sports Science, Preventive Medicine and Public Health
KUWANA Kazunori Professor Fire and Explosion Safety, Combustion Theory
MATSUYAMA Ken Professor Fire Dynamics, Thermal Fluid Dynamics, Fire Extinction Theory, Measurement Engineering
MIZUNO Masayuki Professor Human Behavior in Fire, Evacuation Safety, Evacuation Simulation
OHMIYA Yoshifumi Professor Building Disaster Prevention Planning, Evacuation Behavior, Smoke Control, Fire Spreading Mechanisms
YANAGITA Shinya Professor Behavioral Physiology in heat environment, Neurophysiological (Brain) function in fire
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