The undergraduate program fosters students with a solid foundation in specific disciplines for future
development and success.

Facts & Figures

International Students
(As of May 2023)


Faculty of Science Division I

Produce an Extremely Large Amount of Human Resources in Many Fields as a Source of Power for Supporting a "Science and Technology-Oriented Society”

Faculty of Engineering

Training Professionals Who Have Basic Skills and the Ability to Apply Them, Leading to Cutting-Edge Science and Technology, and Who Discover and Solve Issues by Themselves on the Basis of New Ideas

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Training Deeply Humane Pharmacists With a Strong Ambition for Research, and Researchers Who Will Lead Science to Create Cutting-Edge New Drugs

School of Management

Education and Research on the Theories and Techniques of Practical Management from a New Perspective That Exceeds the Framework of Humanities and Sciences

Faculty of Science Division II

Cultivate Human Resources Who Have Acquired Advanced, Specialized Knowledge On Top of Sufficient Basic Scholastic Ability, and Who Possess a Strong Sense of Ethics and Abundant Human Qualities

Liberal Arts (Common to All Undergraduate Schools)

Human strength with broad perspectives, flexible thinking capacity, and balanced sense will be fostered, centering on "Human Science" and "English"

Special Training Course for Teachers

This course provides a special night school course for university graduates consisting of one year of training (requiring 30 units to be completed) building on a basic undergraduate education.

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