Information science in the Department of Information Sciences is comprised of the 3 fields of "basic mathematical information," which handles "information" related to various nature, social and human phenomena in a mathematical manner with mathematics as the basis, "applied mathematical information," which handles basic mathematical information in a practical manner, and "computer science," which handles systems that process information; the aim of this department is to foster the ability to quantify information and carry out scientific analysis.

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Basic Mathematical Information

    Huge volumes of various types of information are overflowing like a flood. How should we quantify and scientifically handle such a huge amount of information? Basic Mathematical Information measures the uncertainty, size, value, etc. of "information" as information quantities, and deals with how "information" is expressed mathematically.

    Akashi Research Group / Iriyama Research Group / Miyamoto Research Group / Noguchi Research Group / Tomizawa Research Group / Watanabe Research Group

  • Applied Mathmatical Information

    We formulate problems related to "information" of a phenomenon such as found in nature, society or human beings, mathematically create a hypothesis (model/principle) of the phenomenon, and construct a theory of a method or technique for a mathematical analysis based on the "information" and the "information amount". In this way, we infer the optimal solution, dealing with how to solve and improve practical problems in various fields.

    Miyamoto Research Group / Sato Research Group / Tahata Research Group / Tomizawa Research Group / Watanabe Research Group

  • Computaer Science

    To actually process large volumes of "information", we need the assistance of a computer. Further, information needs to be processed by a computer also in order to infer an optimal solution for mathematical models of various phenomena by use of mathematical analysis methods. Computer Science deals with systems for processing this information.

    Akashi Research Group / Katsurada Research Group / Matsuzawa Research Group / Takimoto Research Group

List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
Akashi Shigeo Professor Theory of informatics
Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
Data compression, Encipherment of image data, Electronic watermark
Entropy, Hilbert's 13th problem
MIYAMOTO Nobuko Professor Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Discrete mathematics: Combinatorial designs and their applications
TAKIMOTO Munehiro Professor Software code optimization and parallelization
TOMIZAWA Sadao Professor Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Mathematical Statistics, Categorical Data Analysis
WATANABE Noboru Professor Theory of informatics
Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
Quantum Communication Theory, Optical Communication, Quantum Entropy
Information Mathematics, Quantum Communication
IRIYAMA Satoshi Associate Professor Theory of informatics
Basic analysis
Quantum Information, Quantum Algorithm
KATSURADA Kouichi Associate Professor Perceptual information processing Speech processing, Facial image processing, Dialogue system
Sato Keiko Associate Professor Life/Health/Medical informatics Bioinformatics, Biological Data Analysis, Mathematical Models in Evolutionary Processes
TAHATA Kouji Associate Professor Statistical science
Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
Categorical Data Analysis
Analysis for square contingency tables
MATSUZAWA Tomofumi Junior Associate Professor Computer system
Multimedia database
Communication/Network engineering
Multicast, Local Area Network
Small World Network, Scale Free Network
Multicast Routing, Routing Protocol
NOGUCHI Kenta Junior Associate Professor Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Graph Theory
OHMURA Hidefumi Junior Associate Professor
ISHII Aki Assistant Professor Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics High-dimensional statistical analysis
KAMIZAWA Takeo Assistant Professor
KAWABATA Norifumi Assistant Professor Perceptual information processing
Human interface and interaction
Life/Health/Medical informatics
Medical systems
Communication/Network engineering
Image Information Processing, Visual Media Processing, Image Database, Human Measurement
Usability, Ergonomics
Image Diagnosis, Health Informatics, Medical Imaging
Diagnostic Imaging System, Medical Information System, Computer Aided Surgery
Multimedia, Signal Processing, Encoding/Decoding
NAKAGAWA Tomoyuki Assistant Professor Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Mathematical Statistics

Information on Career Paths

  • Information Industry
  • Graduate School
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Electronic Parts
  • Printing and Allied Industries
  • Other (persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2020)