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This Institute hosts various different types research groups on many disciplines. Each group make efforts to achieve its target, but at the same time collaborations among them are encouraged to explore new possibility, which can be realized "only at TUS".

Message from the Director

Within the university, education and research are inseparably linked to one another and have a synergistic relationship which contributes to significant growth and development.
Education represents the built-in culture which is the foundation of each academic area, and it is driven by the undergraduate and graduate schools; while, research requires activities which transcend the boundaries of those academic areas. If education is the longitudinal axis, then research is the horizontal axis.
The Research Institute for Science and Technology plays the role of that horizontal axis within the Tokyo University of Science and is an organization which exists to support outstanding and original research.
On April 1, 2015, a newly reorganized Research Institute for Science and Technology was established. Research within the Institute is carried out by different research divisions, research centers and joint usage research centers which are organized within a full-scale, comprehensive research promotion framework.
The foundations of the Research Institute for Science and Technology were laid by its first Director General, Dr. Hidetoshi Fukuyama.
The specific aims of the Research Institute for Science and Technology are to transcend categories of basic and applied science in pursuing substantive, cross-field cooperation between different academic areas based upon a thorough, fundamental knowledge of each area; to eliminate barriers between those inside and outside of academia and between those inside and outside of Japan to actively carry out research; to strengthen the fluidity and mobility of faculty and staff within the university; and to achieve a greater connection between the university and society. The expectation for the Institute is that it will capitalize on the terrific research environment full of vitality and unity which has been created and will produce tangible results via outstanding, highly diverse graduates amply equipped with the creativity needed for the future.
It is towards this end that we seek to do away with the barriers between research centers and divisions, foster mutual cooperation, create new research clusters and produce new academic trends and results.

Director General, Research Institute for Science and Technology
Dr. Hideaki Takayanagi

Organization of the Research Institute for Science and Technology (April, 2018)

Research Centers

  1. Center for Fire Science and Technology
  2. IR FEL Research Center
  3. Photocatalysis International Research Center
  4. Imaging Frontier Center
  5. Water Frontier Science & Technology Research Center
  6. Research Center for Space Colony
  7. Center for Animal Disease Models

Research Divisions

  1. Division of Mathematical Modeling and its Mathematical Analysis
  2. Fusion of Regenerative Medicine with DDS
  3. Photovoltaic Science and Technology Research Division
  4. Advanced EC Device Research Division
  5. Division of Agri-biotechnology
  6. Division of Things and Systems
  7. Atmospheric Science Research Division
  8. Division of Super Distributed Intelligent Systems
  9. Brain Interdisciplinary Research Division
  10. Division of Intelligent System Engineering
  11. Advanced Agricultural Energy Science and Technology Research Division
  12. Division of Modern Algebra and Cooperation with Engineering
  13. Research Division of Multiscale Interfacial Thermofluid Dynamics
  14. Division of Nanocarbon Research
  15. Division of Colloid and Interface Science
  16. Chemical Biology Division Supported by Practical Organic Synthesis
  17. Division of CAE for Advanced Composite Materials and Structures
  18. Academic Detailing Database Division
  19. Division of Nucleic Acid Drug Development
  20. Division of Advanced Urbanism and Architecture
  21. Division of Synthetic Biology

Joint Usage / Research Center

  1. Research Center for Fire Safety Science
  2. Photocatalysis International Research Center(PIRC)