A diversity of chemical substances enriches our lives. The stage for chemists to develop new substances, clarify their chemical phenomena and also to protect the natural environment is becoming increasingly broad. The aim of the Department of Applied Chemistry is to develop researchers and engineers who possess solid, fundamental capacities for science and a broad perspective for social application.

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Organic Chemistry

    Living organisms, including our own human bodies, all consist of organic molecules. In the field of organic chemistry, we conduct research on various substances, and develop functional molecules or new drugs on the basis of the results.

    Hukui Research Group / Kawasaki Research Group / Matsuda Research Group / Shiina Research Group

  • Inorganic Chemistry

    This area deals with all elements in the periodic table, and studies the synthesis, structure, physical properties, reactions and the like of single elements and inorganic compounds. Our department conducts research in fields including material chemistry, electrochemistry, archeological chemistry, and complex chemistry, as well as in fields of application related to energy and environment.

    Komaba Research Group / Kudo Research Group / Sadakiyo Research Group

  • Physical Chemistry

    Physical chemistry serves as a theoretical basis for all chemical phenomena and many other related phenomena, including life phenomena. We understand these phenomena from the microscopic structure of the substances, for example, their atomic structure, chemical bonds or molecular structure, and also from thermodynamics and state theory, which look at the macroscopic nature of substances.

    Furumi Research Group / Negishi Research Group / Otsuka Research Group / Torigoe Research Group / Yuasa Research Group

List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
FURUMI Seiichi Professor Nanomaterials chemistry
Functional solid state chemistry
Polymer/Textile materials

Functional Material Chemistry
Organic and Polymer Photonics
KAWASAKI Tsuneomi Professor Organic chemistry Organic Synthesis
KOMABA Shinichi Professor Functional solid state chemistry
Inorganic industrial materials
Device related chemistry

KUDO Akihiko Professor Functional solid state chemistry Photocatalyst
MATSUDA Takanori Professor Organic chemistry
Synthetic chemistry
Organic Synthesis
Organometallic chemistry
OTSUKA Hidenori Professor Bio-related chemistry colloid and interface,biomaterial,medical polymer, tissue engineering
SHIINA Isamu Professor Synthetic chemistry Organic reaction chemistry、Natural products chemistry
TORIGOE Hidetaka Professor Structural biochemistry Biophysical Chemistry, Structural Biology, Gene Therapy, Cancer, Aging, Genome Science
YUASA Junpei Professor
FUKUI Kosuke Associate Professor
SADAKIYO Masaaki Associate Professor Inorganic chemistry Coordination polymer
KAWAWAKI Tokuhisa Junior Associate Professor Nanomaterials chemistry
YAMAGUCHI Yuichi Junior Associate Professor Inorganic industrial materials Photocatalyst, Artificial photosynthesis, Water splitting, CO2 reduction
IWATA Naoto Assistant Professor Organic and hybrid materials
Polymer/Textile materials

JIN Yushu Assistant Professor Synthetic chemistry Organic Chemistry / Organometallic Chemistry
KUROKAWA Minami Assistant Professor Structural biochemistry
MURATA Takatsugu Assistant Professor Synthetic chemistry Organic synthetic chemistry
NAKAMOTO Kosuke Assistant Professor Device related chemistry

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School
  • Information Industry
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Machinery and Appliances
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Civil Servant
  • Other(Persons Planning on Continuing Education, Studying Abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2023)
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