Security Export Control is a control measure to prevent weapons and advanced technologies and goods that can be used for military purposes from crossing over to nations and terrorists, who are associated with the development, manufacturing, use and stockpiling of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons and missiles etc. Hereinafter referred to as WMD.) and the excessive accumulation of conventional weapons, with the aim of maintaining international peace and security.

Under international cooperation, each country in the world establishes and manages laws and legal systems (such as "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" in Japan).

Our University's philosophy is to practice education and research with an emphasis on "science based on conscience" with the goal of sustainable development of the earth and prosperity of humankind and the world

We hope that by leaking out through international research activities, advanced technology will be prevented from being used for weapons development, etc. against the intentions of researchers, and that the knowledge generated will be meaningfully utilized as a property shared by humankind. We are working on security export control in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

International students who are members of the university will also understand security export control. By doing so, We hope that you will maintain your high ethical standards of loving peace and respecting others, and carry out your research activities freely and with peace of mind.

Therefore, please confirm and respond strictly to the following matters as appropriate.

Important point

※Regarding to the “Specific Categories”, please refer to Page 4 of
Request for Your Cooperation for Compliance with the Regulations of Deemed Export Controls