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URA provides support that integrates basic research, applied research projects, and returning benefits to society through industry-academia cooperation.

In accordance with our founding principle, “Building a better future with science”, the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) has been conducting education and research to support the scientific and technological advancement in Japan for more than 130 years. Today the Tokyo University of Science aims to be a global university with the international competitiveness, envisioning ourselves not only as TUS of Japan but also TUS of the world.

In order to bring the “unique research of TUS” up to the world-class level while valuing basic research, TUS focuses on areas with high originality and strong social needs, and drives globally acknowledged research. TUS is also building a framework for industry-university cooperation that will steadily improve the standing until TUS ranks as one of the world’s leading universities.

Based on the Mid-term Plan for Research Strategies of TUS, the University Research Administration Center, established in April 2014, is supporting research activities at TUS and at the same time driving contribution to the society through industry-university cooperation.

Staffed with highly-professional URAs*, the University Research Administration Center is composed of four divisions: Planning and Management Division, Research Strategy Formulation Division, Research & Industry-University Cooperation Supporting Division, and Regional Alliance & Commercialization Promotion Division. We are expanding our operations throughout the university as the organization in TUS Organization for Research Advancement.

We will greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and support for our activities

Yoshito KOGA
Director, University Research Administration Center
Tokyo University of Science

* URAs (University Research Administrators) are university personnel engaged in operations that provide fundamental impetus for the activities of researchers and that strengthen R&D management, by working together with researchers to plan .and to manage research projects and promoting the utilization of research results

Technical Consultation

Joint Research

Joint research is possible when the research topics of the TUS faculty and development objectives of companies overlap. The University Research Administrators (URAs) facilitate the support for joint research provided by public institutions.

Entrusted Research

Entrusted research is also possible when the topics of the TUS faculty and development objectives of companies overlap.

Technical Guidance

The TUS faculty members provide you technical guidance in university laboratories. They can also give you guidance or consultation by coming to your office

Material Transfer

We provide materials produced ,during research, such as ,substance, specimen, prototypes models, laboratory equipments and so on. On the other hand, we can accept materials as research results from external institutions.

Consultation Process Flow Chart (Example)


Download the University Research Administration Center English brochure.