Tokyo University of Science


The Department of Architecture fosters human resources who can resolve issues that occur on a global scale while respecting historical cultures unique to local regions, possessing abundant education and deep, specialized knowledge and techniques as well as the conceptual power to bring dreams to people.

  • Basic education as well as cutting-edge, specialized education relating to architectural environments
  • In specialized education, explore sustainable development that is rooted in social, regional and historical climates.
  • Construct healthy and safe architectural environments, acquire advanced knowledge and techniques for contributing to the enrichment of good quality social capital, and foster conceptual power.
  • Team of diverse part-time faculty members such as architects who are successful both inside and outside of Japan

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Mathematics (Calculus)1・2
  • Physics A1・2
  • Linear Algebra and Geometry1・2
  • Building Law
  • A Graduation Thesis 1・2
  • Introduction to Information Technology for Architecture
  • Chemistry1・2
  • Exercises in Physics A1・2
  • Exercise in Linear Algebra and Geometry 1・2
  • CAD Exercise
  • Introduction to Building Information Modelling in Archtecture
  • Surveying for architecture‐lecture and practice 1・2
  • History of Modern Architecture
  • Architectural Planning 1
  • Architectural Planning 2 (Expression of Space)
  • Urban Design
  • Architectural Design and Drawing 1・2
  • Architectural Design and Drawing 3
  • Space Design and Exercise 1・2
  • History of European Architecture
  • History of Japanese Architecture
  • Urban Planning
  • Design Exercise of Architecture
  • Planning of Building Construction
  • Basic Urban Analysis
  • Landscape
  • Digital practice in design
  • Architecture Design Studio
  • Urban Space Design

Graduation Research

  • Ito Laboratory
  • Iwaoka Laboratory
  • Kakino Laboratory
  • Nishida Laboratory
  • Yamana Laboratory
  • Theory of Structural Mechanics 1
  • Basics of Structural Design
  • Theory of Structural Mechanics 2
  • Steel Structure
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure
  • Practice of Structural Mechanics 1
  • Practice of Structural Mechanics 2
  • Analysis of Structures
  • Loads on Buildings
  • Structural Experiment
  • Geotechinical Engineering
  • Vibration Theory of Buildings
  • Exercise in Theory of Structures
  • Structural Design and Drawing

Graduation Research

  • Kinugasa Laboratory
  • Miyazu Laboratory
  • Nagano Laboratory
  • Architectural Environmental Engineering 1
  • Architectural Equipment
  • Architectural Environmental Exercise and Experiment 1
  • Equipment Design and Drawing
  • Architectural Environmental Engineering 2
  • Exercise of Architectural Environmental Engineering
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Architectural Environmental Exercise and Experiment 2
  • Light Environment in Architecture
  • Advanced Architectural Environment

Graduation Research

  • Inoue Laboratory
  • Yoshizawa Laboratory
Materials and Disaster Prevention
  • Building Materials 1
  • Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering
  • Building Execution 1
  • Building Materials Experiment
  • Building Materials 2
  • Experiments for Building Interior Materials and Fire Safety
  • Fire Safety Design of Building
  • Building Execution 2
  • Fire Safety Engineering

Graduation Research

  • Kanematsu Laboratory
  • Ohmiya Laboratory

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Construction


  • Real Estate


  • Finance, Insurance


  • Information Industry


  • Professional and Technical Services


  • Manufacture of Chemical


  • Electronic Components


  • Machinery and Appliances


  • Miscellaneous services


  • Civil Servant


  • Other Industries


  • Other(persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


(As of March 2019)

List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor ITO Kaori Town planning/Architectural planning Urban Design, Urban Analysis
Professor IWAOKA Tatsuo Town planning/Architectural planning
Architectural history/Design

Professor KANEMATSU Manabu Building structures/Materials
Professor KINUGASA Hideyuki Building structures/Materials Seismic Design,Urban Disaster Prevention, Reinforced Concrete
Professor NAGANO Masayuki Building structures/Materials Earthquake Engineering
Professor OHMIYA Yoshifumi Building structures/Materials
Architectural environment/Equipment
Fire Protection Engineering, Building Safety Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering, Building Safety Engineering
Professor YAMANA Yoshiyuki Town planning/Architectural planning Sustainable plannning for Modern and Contemporary Architecture, Archives,
Professor Yoshizawa Nozomu Architectural environment/Equipment Lighting Environment
Associate Professor KAKINO Yoshinori Town planning/Architectural planning School Architecture,Children,Environment Behavior,Housing,City Environment
Associate Professor NISHIDA Osamu
Junior Associate Professor MIYAZU Yuji Building structures/Materials
Junior Associate Professor TAKASE Kozo Architectural environment/Equipment Energy Saving / Sustainable Design / Thermal Environment
Assistant Professor KATAGIRI Yuji Architectural history/Design
Assistant Professor NISHIO Yuhei
Assistant Professor OE Yuki
Assistant Professor OKI Kaori
Assistant Professor TAKAYANAGI Seiya Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering
Town planning/Architectural planning
Relationships between Population Change and Land-use Change
Spatial Change of Depopulating Cities
Assistant Professor WANG XIN Building structures/Materials Building Structure, Structural health monitoring