The Department of Physics and Astronomy fosters human resources who possess the ability to pioneer unknown areas in physics and related fields as well as a strong volition for broad academic and social contributions.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Particle Physics/
KOHMURA Takayoshi Professor Astrophysics (Experimental)
ABE Tomohiro Associate Professor Particle Physics (Theoretical)
SUZUKI Hideyuki Professor Astrophysics (Theoretical)
ISHITSUKA Masaki Professor Particle Physics(Experimental)
SAWADO Nobuyuki Professor Particle Physics (Theoretical)
Condensed Matter Physics KANAI Kaname Professor Surface/Interfacial Science (Experimental)
TAMURA Masafumi Professor Physics of Molecular Materials (Experimental)
YAGUCHI Hiroshi Professor Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
FUKUMOTO Yoshiyuki Professor Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Physics (Theoretical)
AKIMOTO Takuma Associate Professor Statistical Physics (Theoretical)
OKAZAKI Ryuji Associate Professor Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (Experimental)
Optical Physics SUDA Akira Professor Nonlinear Optics / Laser Physics (Experimental)
YOSHIOKA Shinya Professor Biomimetics / Biophotonics (Experimental)
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Condensed Matter Physics Tsutsumi Junya Visiting Professor Molecular Assembly Electronics and Photonics (Experimental)
KANAI Kaname Professor*
WAKAYAMA Yutaka Visiting Professor Physical Engineering (Experimental)
KANAI Kaname Professor*
INOUE Isao Visiting Professor Correlated Electronics (Experimental)
TAMURA Masafumi Professor*
Optical Physics
Visiting Professor Photon Science (Experimental)
SUDA Akira Professor*
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.
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