Tokyo University of Science


The Department of Physics fosters human resources who possess the ability to pioneer unknown areas in physics and related fields as well as a strong volition for broad academic and social contributions.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Nuclear/Particle Physics/Astrophysics Professor KOHMURA Takayoshi Astrophysics (Experimental)
Professor SAITO Koichi Particle/Nuclear Physics (Theoretical)
Professor SUZUKI Hideyuki Astrophysics (Theoretical)
Associate Professor SAWADO Nobuyuki Particle Physics (Theoretical)
Associate Professor ISHITSUKA Masaki Particle Physics(Experimental)
Condensed Matter Physics Professor KANAI Kaname Surface/Interfacial Science (Experimental)
Professor TAMURA Masafumi Physics of Molecular Materials (Experimental)
Professor HANZAWA Katsuro Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (Theoretical)
Professor YAGUCHI Hiroshi Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)
Associate Professor FUKUMOTO Yoshiyuki Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Physics (Theoretical)
Associate Professor AKIMOTO Takuma Statistical Physics (Theoretical)
Associate Professor OKAZAKI Ryuji Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (Experimental)
Optical Physics Professor SUDA Akira Nonlinear Optics (Experimental)
Associate Professor YOSHIOKA Shinya Biomimetics / Biophotonics (Experimental)
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Nuclear/Particle Physics/Astrophysics Visiting Professor FURUKAWA Kazuro Accelerator Science (Experimental)
Associate Professor* ISHITSUKA Masaki
Condensed Matter Physics Visiting Professor AZUMI Reiko Molecular Assembly Electronics and Photonics (Experimental)
Professor* KANAI Kaname
Visiting Professor SHIRAKAWA Naoki Printed Electronics (Experimental)
Professor* TAMURA Masafumi
Optical Physics Visiting Professor MIDORIKAWA Katsumi Photon Science (Experimental)
Professor* SUDA Akira
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.