In our contemporary, advanced information society of the fourth industrial revolution, the roles played by information technology have expanded dramatically to the point where it is an indispensable part of manufacturing, distribution, finance, transportation, medicine, education, and all other areas of human activity. The benefits in our daily lives that we reap from information technology continue to grow. Information technology plays an essential role not only in hardware applications, such as delivering sophisticated computers, communication devices, and networks, but also in the software engineering-oriented methodologies used to tackle the challenges arising from a radically changing socio-economic environment.

The Department of Information and Computer Technology cultivates the sort of thoughtful researchers and engineers who are suited to this new era, providing them with a software engineering-centric curriculum that is divided into four tracks: Social Design, Data Science, Software Design, and Intelligent Systems.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Data Science AKAKURA Takako Professor Educational Engineering, Legal Engineering
TANIGUCHI Yukinobu Professor Visual Media Processing
SOZU Takashi Professor Statistical Science, Biostatistics
IRIE Go Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Media Understanding
SHINOZAKI Tomohiro Associate Professor Statistical Science, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
Software Design TAMURA-IKEBE Yoshiko Associate Professor Mathematical Planning, Discrete Optimization
FUJISAWA Masaya Associate Professor Communication Engineering, Code Theory
Intelligent System IKEGUCHI Tohru Professor Mathematical Informatics, Nonlinear Informatics
TATSUKAWA Tomoaki Associate Professor Design Exploration, Multi-objective Optimization
NAKAMURA Kazuaki Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing
OKADOME Yuya Junior Associate Professor Intelligent Robotics, Machine Learning, Human-Agent interaction
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