The objective of the Department of Chemistry is to foster human resources who possess deep understanding of the properties and changes of substances, and who have acquired the ability to create and develop substances and energy necessary for society, as well as advanced knowledge relating to the global environment and life phenomena, as researchers and engineers engaged in the broad field of chemistry.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry AKITSU Takashiro Professor Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
KUDO Akihiko Professor Catalytic Chemistry, Inorganic Photochemistry
KOMABA Shinichi Professor Electrochemistry
TADOKORO Makoto Professor Supramolecular Coordination Chemistry
MIYAMURA Kazuo Professor Coordination Chemistry,Analytical Chemistry
ENOMOTO Masaya Associate Professor Solid State Physics on Coordination Chemistry
HARAGUCHI Tomoyuki Junior Associate Professor Solid State Chemistry,Coordination Chemistry
SADAKIYO Masaaki Junior Associate Professor Solid State Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
KAWAI Hidetoshi Professor Physical Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry
KAWASAKI Tsuneomi Professor Asymmetric Synthesis, Chiral Chemistry
SAITO Shinichi Professor Organometallic Chemistry, Chemistry of Organic Reaction
SATAKE Akiharu Professor
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry
SHIINA Isamu Professor Natural Products Chemistry, Organic Synthetic Chemistry
SHIMONAKA Motoyuki Professor Molecular and Cellular Biology
MATSUDA Takanori Professor Synthetic Chemistry, Organic Elementary Chemistry
ENDO Kohei Associate Professor Molecular Catalyst Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
KIMURA Tsutomu Associate Professor Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry OTSUKA Hidenori Professor Interfacial/Colloid Chemistry, Biopolymer Chemistry
SASAKI Takeo Professor Liquid Crystals, Macromolecule Chemistry
TSUKIYAMA Koichi Professor Laser Spectroscopy, Quantum Chemistry
TORIGOE Hidetaka Professor Biophysical Chemistry, Structural Biology
NEGISHI Yuichi Professor Nanomaterial Chemistry, Cluster Chemistry
FURUMI Seiichi Professor Organic Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials Chemistry
YUI Hiroharu Professor Laser Spectroscopy, Solution Chemistry
AOKI Ken'ichi Associate Professor Self-assembled and Multifunctional Polymer Materials
NAKA Yumiko Associate Professor Polymer Chemistry, Liquid-crystalline Chemistry
YUASA Junpei Associate Professor Functional Solid State Chemistry
WATANABE Kazuo Associate Professor Surface Physical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Plasmonics