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The Department of Electrical Engineering encompasses the three fields of electrical engineering (energy, the environment, and control), electronic engineering (devices and physicality) and information communications engineering (communications and information). Based on fundamental knowledge that extends across these three fields, the Department fosters human resources who can be autonomous as cutting-edge researchers and engineers in a single specialized field.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Communications/Network Engineering Professor MAEDA Joji Optical Fiber Transmission
Nonlinear Optics
Professor HIGUCHI Kenichi Digital Modulation and Demodulation, Wireless Communication System
Junior Associate Professor IGARASHI Yasutaka Information Theory
Coding Theory
Communications Theory
Junior Associate Professor YAMAMOTO Takahiko Medical Bioelectronics
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Radio Wave System Engineering
Image Information Technology Professor ITOH Susumu Image Communication
Image Information Processing
Professor MATSUDA Ichiro Multimedia Information Processing
Electrical Power Engineering Professor HOSHI Nobukazu Power Electronics
Associate Professor KONDOH Junji Electric Power System Engineering
Energy Engineering
Junior Associate Professor KATAYAMA Noboru Renewable Energy
Intelligent Control Technology Professor KIMURA Shinichi Autonomous Control, Space Systems, Robotics
Control Technology Associate Professor NAKAMURA Hisakazu Control Engineering
Electronic Circuit and System Engineering Professor UMEDA Yohtaro High-Speed Integrated Circuits and Systems for Communications
Professor HYOGO Akira Computer Engineering
Electronic Circuits and Systems
Electronic Measurement Systems
Integrated Circuits and Systems
Electrical Materials Physics and Engineering Professor NAGATA Hajime Ferroelectric Ceramics
Semiconductor Engineering Professor FURUKAWA Akio Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Professor SUGIYAMA Mutsumi Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices, Semiconductor Physics
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Semiconductor Engineering Visiting Professor OKUMURA Hjime Wide Gap Semiconductors
Professor* FURUKWA Akio
Visiting Professor NIKI Shigeru Thin Film Semiconductors
Professor* FURUKAWA Akio
Power Engineering Visiting Professor KATO Toru Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Production
Professor* HOSHI Nobukazu
Communication Engineering Visiting Professor AOYAGI Masahiro Electronics Packaging
Professor* MAEDA Joji
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.