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Living organisms are highly organized entities constituting genes, cells and tissues. The dynamic changes along the time axis of the development, aging and regeneration of tissues and the adaptive system implemented in divergent organs such as the brain, nerves and immune systems represent a complex system. Therefore, a degree of hierarchical complexity that involves elaborate quality-control mechanisms and their interactive outputs characterize the living organisms. The disease is developed as a result of the perturbation of these complex systems. It is thus important for us to create novel biological concepts by bringing all the scientific knowledge and technologies of life science together to fully understand the complex biological systems. That is the ultimate goal of all members of our institute. In addition, our educational system in that the Graduate School of Biological Sciences is associated with the Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences also facilitates the research progress. The students can achieve scientific breakthroughs and acquire valuable skills by joining cutting-edge research groups headed by faculty members of the institute.


The master course is designed to educate students to elucidate the molecular mechanism of living organisms with a high degree of expertise and research abilities. The Ph.D. course is designed to educate students to create novel insights into prevailing frameworks through research activities with their own unique on their own unique approaches, leading to contribute to cultural development.