The Department of Biological Science and Technology performs research and education in the various fields of fundamental biological science as well as engineered research and education for the industrial application of research results, while being a pioneer in cutting-edge biotechnology. Research, development for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, regenerative medicine, development of fundamental technological necessities for the development of regenerative medicine, and life-science technology development for the formation of a sustainable society is being actively promoted.

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Molecular Bioengineering

    Biopolymer Engineering / Biomaterial Chemistry / Chemical Biology

    Shiroishi Research Group / Tamura Research Group / Nishino Research Group / Yoshida Research Group

  • Environmental Bioengineering

    Molecular Ecology / Plant Molecular Biology / Genome Engineering

    Arimura Research Group / Shimizu Research Group / Takahashi Research Group / Miyagawa Research Group

  • Medical Bioengineering

    Developmental & Regenerative Engineering / Cellular Biology / Immunology / Developmental Endocrinology / Genetic Engineering / Genome Biology

    Kondou Research Group / Segi Research Group / Toshima Research Group / Nishiyama Research Group

List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
ARIMURA Gen-ichiro Professor
Jiro Toshima Professor Cell biology endocytosis, actin cytoskeleton
NISHINO Tatsuya Professor Molecular biology Structural biology
NISHIYAMA Chiharu Professor Applied biochemistry Immunology, Allergy, Molecular Biology, Transcription factor, Cell Development
SEGI-NISHIDA Eri Professor Neurochemistry/Neuropharmacology
SHIMIZU Kiminori Professor
TAMURA Koji Professor Evolutionary biology Origin of Life, Genetic Code, RNA
KONDO Shu Associate Professor Neurophysiology/General neuroscience
System genome science
Visualization and manipulation of neural circuits
Comprehensive knock-out of genes in Drosophila
MIYAGAWA Shinichi Associate Professor Tumor biology
Developmental biology
Female reproductive tracts, Estrogen, Developmental effect, DES syndrome
Sex determination and differentiation, Reproductive organ, Sex hormone
Development, Sex determination and differentiation, Endocrinology, Environmental science
SHIROISHI Mitsunori Associate Professor Biofunction/Bioprocess
Structural biochemistry
protein engineering, antibody engineering
receptor, antibody, immunology, G-protein coupled receptor, membrane protein
receptor, antibody, immunology, G-protein coupled receptor, membrane protein
TAKAHASHI Fuminori Associate Professor Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology Plant Molecular Biology、Environmental Stress responses、Stress Resistant Crops
YOSHIDA Suguru Associate Professor
HACHISU Masakazu Junior Associate Professor Bio-related chemistry
Polymer/Textile materials
Molecular biology
Functional biochemistry
Amino acid, Carbohydrate, Lipid, Glycopeptide, Glycoprotein, Glycolipid
Poly(amino acid), Polysaccharide
Biopolymer, Chemical modification, Structure-activity relationship
Immunity, Allergies, Transcriptional regulators, Cell differentiation
NAGANO Makoto Junior Associate Professor
DESAKI Yoshitake Assistant Professor
ITO Shiyo Assistant Professor
Mutsuro-Aoki Hiromi Assistant Professor Evolutionary biology RNA, Ribozyme
NGUYEN PHUONG Assistant Professor

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Information Industry
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Food
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Civil Servant
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Construction
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Other (Persons Planning on Continuing Education, Studying Abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2021)