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TUS Alumni Association "Risoukai"

Founded in April 1889, the Tokyo Academy of Physics Alumni Association changed its name to Tokyo University of Science Alumni Association in July 1949, and started using the appellation of "Risoukai.

"Risoukai" aims to:

  • Support continuous development of its alma mater, TUS.
  • Develop the alumni network.
  • Promote contribution to society.

Issuance of Certification

The Tokyo University of Science (TUS) only issues the Certificate of Graduation or the Certificate of Completion when the person himself / herself who graduated from our university requests such an action.

TUS cannot reply to third party inquiries about student enrollment or the awarding of degrees. If you would like to check whether they are currently enrolled or were awarded a degree in the past, please contact him/her and have them request the certificate from TUS directly.

Newsletter for Returning International Students

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO ) offers continued support by providing information through newsletters to international students even after they have returned to their home countries. The "Returning International Student Newsletter" is distributed free of charge.

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