Tokyo University of Science


The objectives of human resource cultivation in the Department of Pharmacoscience are as follows:

  1. Through education and research of pharmacoscience and the development of its application, cultivate human resources with a wide range of specialized knowledge and practical abilities, which enable them to deeply understand comprehensive information science on pharmaceuticals (pharmacoinformatics) from the perspective of the pharmacoscience and apply it for development purposes.
  2. Cultivate advanced professional engineers and educators, and make special efforts to cultivate researchers who are knowledgeable in the following three disciplines: drug discovery science (to identify protein molecules of drug discovery targets from disease-related genes, etc., design and synthesize new drugs, and evaluate physical properties), pharmaceutical life science (to clarify pharmacological actions, side effects and pharmacokinetics of drugs) and pharmaceutical science (to use concerning drug safety and toxicity, environmental health, etc.).
  3. Cultivate human resources who have acquired both advanced research capabilities, which enable them to find solutions to challenges in pharmacoscience-related areas with scientific exploration, and outstanding leadership skills, which enable them to conduct education and training in this area.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Drug Discovery Science Professor Shin Aoki Chemistry related to living body,
Chemical pharmaceutical science
Professor Hiromi Uchiro Chemical pharmaceutical science,
Drug development chemistry
Professor Satoru Goto Physical pharmaceutical science
Professor Kimiko Makino Physical pharmaceutical science
Professor Chikamasa Yamashita Physical pharmaceutical science
Professor Takeshi Wada Chemical pharmaceutical science
Associate Professor Hideshi Yokoyama Physical Biochemistry
Junior Associate Professor Hiroshi Wada Chemical pharmaceutical science
Junior Associate Professor Kyohei Higashi Physical pharmaceutical science
Pharmaceutical Life Sciences Professor Kazunori Akimoto Molecular Medical Science,
Molecular Oncology
Professor Fumiaki Uchiumi Biological system pharmaceutical
Professor Yoichi Hayakawa Drug development chemistry
Professor Yoshikazu Higami Environmental physiology
(includes sports medecine/nutritional physiology)
Professor Satoru Miyazaki Applied genome Science
Associate Professor Tadayoshi Hayata Developmental biology Orthopaedic surgery Functional basic dentistry
Junior Associate Professor Akira Sato Biological system pharmaceutical
Junior Associate Professor Yohsuke Harada Cellular and molecular immunology
Medicinal Science Professor Itsuko Horiguchi Public health
Associate Professor Shuji Shimada Clinical pharmaceutical science
Associate Professor Tatsunori Suzuki Sports science
Junior Associate Professor Tsugumichi Sato Clinical pharmaceutical science
Junior Associate Professor Ryoko Takasawa Biological system pharmaceutical